The Miliband’s Soviet and U.S. Connections

Introduction – Dec 3, 2012

Ed Miliband may be a contender to occupy 10 Downing Street if the Labour Party wins the next general election, and his brother David Miliband may have been Foreign Secretary under Tony Blair, but many questions remain about both men and where exactly their loyalty lies.
Unsurprisingly perhaps, the corporate media have barely touched upon what is potentially an explosive issue.
For like they say ‘there’s no smoke without fire’, and the Miliband family have had connections to Zionism, communism and Soviet Russia stretching back generations. From Ed Miliband’s father, the late Marxist theoretician Adolphe Ralph Miliband, to his grandfather who reportedly fought with the Red Army during the Russian civil war.
The connections continue today with a cousin, Sofia Miliband who worked as a code breaker for Stalin and who still lives in Moscow.
While David Miliband, the former Foreign Secretary had at one time been tipped for the leadership of the Labour Party, his brother now occupies the post. However, although David’s still active in politics he has assumed a fairly low profile of late.   
This happened after having been named as a potential party leader, David Miliband was exposed by this website and others for his links with Zionist activism.
He had indeed been listed on an Israeli Propaganda site as an ‘Israeli Hasbara (Propaganda) Author’ while still serving as Foreign Secretary.
But while David Miliband may have been unnerved by this exposure, his brother has continued his ascent in British politics to the point where he is now also a serious contender for the office of prime minister.
It’s bad enough when the current prime minister is ready to give Israel the benefit of the doubt, even as it slaughters Palestinians. It would however, be much worse for Palestine and Britain if a committed but covert Zionist were resident in 10 Downing street.
So it’s appropriate to take another look at the Miliband family. Otherwise the day could come when a serving British prime minister is ready to put Israel’s interests over and above everything else. 

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