Pussy Riot As Person Of The Year? Russian Group Listed On TIME Magazine’s Short List

Huffington Post – Nov 28, 2012

Past winners of TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year award have included Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy, and, in 2006, simply “You.” Could the next winner be Russia’s feminist punk-rock group Pussy Riot?

TIME released the list of candidates for the honor on Monday and Pussy Riot appeared as one of the nominees.

“In a year when so many voices of liberty and dissent have suffered harsh retribution, the Russian feminist punk group Pussy Riot has paid a particularly steep price for provocative political expression,” TIME’s Bruce Crumley writes in the group’s listing.

TIME gives readers the option of voting on whether a certain candidate should win the honor. As of Wednesday afternoon, 39 percent voted that Pussy Riot should “Definitely” be named Person of the Year, while 61 percent voted “No Way.”

Pussy Riot rose to international prominence when three members of the controversial group were arrested for “hooliganism” as a result of a protest performance that the group staged at Moscow’s Christ Savior Cathedral. The group reportedly yelled, “Mother Mary, please drive Putin away,” in protest of Russia’s Vladimir Putin.

Other names on this year’s list of candidates include Psy, Felix Baumgartner, and Joe Biden.


Given Pussy Riot’s suspect origins it’s perhaps no coincidence that ‘material girl’ Madonna is also helping to promote them…

Madonna exploits ‘Pussy Riot’ name in t-shirts available in her online store

Russia Today – Nov 2, 2012

The ‘Material Girl’ Madonna has put on the market t-shirts with a ‘Pussy Riot’ inscription. The pop diva set an example herself when she emblazoned the name of the jailed Russian punk band on her back while performing ‘Like a Virgin’ in Moscow.

­The t-shirts dedicated to the jailed Russian punk band are available at Madonna’s official online store, and symbolically come in the color white.  Priced at $19.95, the shirts have the ‘Pussy Riot’ inscription on the front.

Earlier this year, during her performance at Moscow’s Olympiysky Center, Madonna put on a balaclava mask and called for the three jailed members of the band to be set free.

Calling all the girls by their names, Madonna said that they were paying too high a price for what they had done. She also noted that she wanted peace, freedom and talent to reign in the world. Her Russian fans greeted her speech with a wave of applause.

The three members of the feminist punk group were arrested after they stormed the Christ the Savior Cathedral, where they performed a profanity-laden ‘punk prayer.’ The trio were sentenced to two years in a medium-security prison for hooliganism motivated by religious hatred.

The women insisted they never intended to offend people’s religious sensibilities; one of them was released on probation after successfully appealing her conviction.


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