Iran Warns U.S.

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar has warned the U.S. against contemplating an attack on Iran.

Speaking to the FARS news agency on Sunday the general said: “If the US decides to adopt such a foolish act, it must certainly expect a crushing response from the side of the Iranian armed forces.”

Moreover, the general said that before attacking Iran the U.S. first had to get out of the “quagmire” it had created for itself in Iraq.

Referring to the speculation in the Western media about a U.S. attack on Iran, the general described it a form of “psychological warfare against Iran”.

His comments reinforce the earlier observations of a psychic friend with a proven track record.

In the late nineteen nineties our psychic friend said that Britain and America would invade Iraq. At the time it sounded highly improbable but his forecast was proven right, just as he was right about the bloody consequences of the invasion.
So later, when he said that the ultimate aim of the invasion would not be Iraq, we were listening.

Apart from the oil, he said the real objective behind the invasion was not Iraq itself but Iran.

Earlier last week our friend described the current deployment of US/UK forces in and around the Gulf, the Balkans and eastern Mediterranean as no more than “chest beating”.

Coupled with alliance forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan, it is intended to ratchet tensions a notch higher.

It’s a move that seems completely insane, especially as alliance forces have enough on their hands just trying to contain insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan. But there is method in this apparent madness and contrary to much current speculation, our friend says a U.S. led attack on Iran is unlikely to go ahead just yet.

The intention right now is simply “chest beating”, or as Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar described it “psychological warfare”.

However, that does that mean that war with Iran wont eventually erupt or that moves aren’t underway to launch a strike. It’s just not going to happen anytime soon, says our friend, and before it does we can expect other major events to occur.

And by that he means events as big and dramatic as 9/11.

Maybe even more so!

Stay tuned.