Iran to Manufacture Home-Made Helicopters

Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Mostafa Mohammad Najjar said that the Islamic Republic will soon start manufacture of home-made choppers.

Speaking to reporters here on Saturday, the General pointed out that the said helicopter is undergoing the design phase at the defense industries at present and that the country will start manufacturing it in the near future.

He said sanctions imposed on the country in the last 28 years have all proved inefficient and caused Iranian experts to increase their self-belief.

Najjar mentioned, “Iran is now capable of performing basic repairs and the Iranian experts currently overhaul helicopters, including repair work on chassis, gearbox, fuel system, propeller and other parts of helicopters.”

He also said that during the last year, Iranian defense industries have manufactured around 10,000 parts used in helicopters, adding that “16 different western-made helicopters are now remanufactured in Iran and that all these repair operations are performed by the Iranian experts.

The defense minister further mentioned that Iran has also manufactured many parts used in different planes domestically.

Asked about the recent war games staged in the Persian Gulf waters by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), he said, “We are proud that all the equipment of our armed forces are designed and mass produced by the Iranian defense industries’ experts.”

“In the last few days, you witnessed the test firing of the missile ‘Ra’d’ (Thunder) which has been manufactured by IRGC naval forces with a range of 350 kilometers,” the General continued.