Voice of the White House February 9, 2007

“The Bush gang is now going into a bunker mode. They have a very irate public and Congress against them, threats of Congressional retaliation against all Republicans, very real threats of investigations into massive thefts of money (unbelievable what they have stolen!), gross stupidity, vicious attacks on anyone who disagrees with them, and a determination to proceed with their MidEast conquest policy come what may.

One of the worst offenders in all of this is the American media. They have known from the beginning about various nasty matters and have coyly kept it all quiet. It was known that the gay prostitute;,Gannon/Guckert was roaming loose in the White House all night for fourteen different nights but no comment from the press. Rumors floating around D.C. was that Bush was having an affair with Gannon but it never, ever, got into the press.

There were a dozen pictures of Abramoff with Bush in the White House but not one paper or television station ever printed them (although they were readily available,) refusal to even hint at faked casualty figures, muted silence about the gross activities of the sluttish Bush daughters and many, many more subjects.

The media has been pandering to Bush and his corporate supporters until just recently and no doubt we will now see a reversal and Bush will be savagely attacked.

And why?

Because, in part, Israel wants Bush to fight their wars for them in the MidEast; to attack Iraq (which happened) and then to flatten Iran which they view as a major threat to them (not to us).

Israeli diplomatic agencies and domestic Jewish support groups are daily importuning Bush and Cheney to attack Iran and prevent Iran from possibly attacking them.

Israel doesn’t care if 10,000 GIs get iced as long as we do the bombing for them. Personally, I think we ought to cut them loose, get out of Iraq, forget about Bush’s nut plans and let Israel take care of itself.

They and they alone have dragged, tricked and pushed us into the war and a moronic pro-Israel Bush has gone right along with them.

And for starters we can round up the neocons like Feith, Wolfowitz, Perle and Kristol and ship them to Israel in a crate. If you have a rotten tooth that is infecting your whole body, you don’t trim your toenails, do you?”

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