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by Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com Nov 29, 2012

In the bad old days, women got married when they were young and strong, and spent their 20’s having a family. 
Now Illuminati Satanists at places like the Huffington Post brazenly pressure young women to devote their twenties to self-immolation. They are told to experiment sexually and be promiscuous in public just like homosexuals. 
“Let’s be honest. When you’re in your 20’s, you still aren’t necessarily sure exactly what you like, how you like it and who you like it from,” writes “Emma Gray,” associate editor of Huffington Post Women. 
Excuse me, but women want love not sex.
Yet “Emma Gray” goes on to delineate 15 types of sexual depravity women should engage in to be chic. The message is, be a total slut.
 For example, there’s “You’re Convenient” Sex which you have because the “person” (i.e. male or female) lives nearby and you’re bored. 
Old fashioned means a “One-Night-Stand” with “a near-stranger: someone you met at a bar or a party or one of your classes.”  
There’s the “I could actually date you” variety. 
“You actually feel some flicker of a feeling about the person you’re with, you’ll probably take time to think about what they want in bed and how you can give it to them, and worry that you won’t do a good job.” 
Can you imagine anything more sick and demeaning than this? It’s a denial that they have a soul. They are just bodies.  


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