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Coming from a family of successful doctors, Bill Frist has outdistanced all his predecessors. After starting as a transplant surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center Bill Frist went on to transplant more than two hundred hearts and lungs. He was a medical celebrity but after completing years of training and enjoying surgical stardom he went on to trade it all in for something completely different.


It may seem like an odd transition, but not for Bill Frist, whose political star is now very much on the rise in Washington. Frist’s family history is perfect for the part too: his father was the son of a railroad stationmaster in Meridian, Miss., who died from injuries suffered while rescuing a deaf woman and her child from an oncoming train. While his mother, Dorothy, is said to have bought appliances anonymously for families that she heard were in need.

At 14, Frist persuaded his mother to let him get a “limited license,” so that he could drive to school and church the children of poor and struggling families. Then the day he turned 16 — the first day he legally could — he took his maiden solo flight, emulating his eldest brother, Tommy, a pilot who had been a flight surgeon.

Nowadays, apart from running marathons and flying Frist spends much of his free time treating AIDS patients in Africa.

It sounds almost too good to be true but that’s the line coming from Washington’s spin machine. So you’d be forgiven for thinking that Frist was destined for much higher realms.

After taking the Governorship of Tennessee, Frist went on to become Senate Majority Leader. All of which led to the point where he is now viewed as a possible contender for the position of Vice President in a future administration.

According to his wife Karyn: “In the long hallway of his life, there is no door closed to him. If a door is cracked, he’s in the room.”

In a truly meteoric rise in the political firmament Frist seems destined for even greater things. Indeed he easily commands the respect of Washington’s political luminaries, but there may be more to this man than is readily apparent.

It was a friend in America, a psychologist and follower of Christian mystic and teacher Rudolph Steiner, who first alerted me to this. According to Steiner there would arise at the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first a master of science and a skilled political negotiator. He would be hailed initially as a man of peace: but behind the public image would lurk a much darker force. He would in fact be the incarnation, in human form, of a figure known to the ancient Persians as Ahriman.

Presiding over aspects of the material world such as banking, vivisection and cold hard materialistic science and devoid of any human warmth, Ahriman is probably better known to us today as….SATAN. He would go on to incarnate and win renown as a figure that modern Christians know as the ANTI CHRIST. After establishing his presence in the material world as a peacemaker, he would then proceed to establish a global dictatorship ushering in a period of wars and earth shaking catastrophes.

At the risk of repetition: he would be distinguished, said Steiner, by a cold, studious nature devoid of any real human warmth or compassion.

Interestingly enough, Frist admits to adopting cats from the Humane Society as a student, with the express intention of performing experiments on them. But considering that Ahriman rules over the world of scientific materialism, with its experiments on animals, that’s par for the course.

His predecessor as Senate Majority Leader, Trent Loft, had been forced to resign after allegedly making comments in favour of racial discrimination. Opening the way for Frist to step in and assume the mantle of a “compassionate conservative” on his gilded pathway to power.

Update – February 24, 2007

The above was written nearly four years ago when Bush and Blair openly lied to get us into war with Iraq. Since then the situation in the Middle East has gone from bad to worse and could soon deteriorate still further.

When I first wrote the article above, I concluded that “the alarm bells are ringing and we are on the brink of a potentially disastrous conflict in Iraq”.

Well, Iraq turned into a disaster and we are now approaching an even worse catastrophe in the shape of possible conflict with Iran.

Nonetheless, this writer stands corrected: contrary to what was implied in the original article, Frist is not the incarnation of Ahriman. That entity, more generally known today as Satan has yet to appear on the world stage.

However, we are informed by a very reliable psychic friend that this entity is already in human form. Moreover, it is now only a matter time before he appears in the public domain. Before that happens his agents and assistants are being manoeuvred into key positions, to assist his rapid ascent to power when he does finally appear.

Bill Frist is probably one such: a satanic underling ready to assist his master’s passage to prominence. And if that is the case this entity will not make its debut in the Middle East – although war with Iran may provide a dramatic introductory backdrop – but somewhere in the United States of America.

Maybe even in he corridors of power in Washington itself.

Stay tuned.

A Muslim Reader Comments

He (the anti-Christ) was given a choice long ago to embrace the one true creator or become an all-powerful ruler, and he chose the latter. His time does seem very near. All the signs are pointing towards his arrival and the world stage is being set at an incredibly fast pace.

A few signs made known to us from over 1460 years ago:

when the days seem to be shorter
when the arab bedouins build skyscrapers in the desert
when the slaves become the masters
when deceit and lies are accepted as the truth
when the population of women outnumbers that of men
when religion becomes an empty shell to the majority

….and quite a few more.

Just to let you know you’re on the right track.

Pictured above: Frist followed by Donald Rumsfeld, and note how war-hawk Rumsfeld follows Frist almost like a dog follows its master with Colin Powell obscured in his shadow.