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Visible Origami – Nov 28, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
Some truly freaky things are happening around here. As I mentioned, I wrote an Origami but did not post it. I went to finish it off just now and it’s gone. That has never happened before. It is mystifying. Then, about 20 minutes ago, I went and made a comment at Petri Dish, hoping to defuse a megalomanical outbreak and I went through the comment and edited it and then I posted it. I took some time editing it, there were a number of mistakes. I went to the comment to check it out and it was just as it had been before I edited it. That has never happened before either.
Today, I went and took care of some important details, concerning getting my visa for India, because I go to Munich tomorrow and stay overnight too, hopefully I accomplish this aspect of what is proving to be a complex and now expensive endeavor to get done. Then I find out that I have to have a return ticket from India, or they won’t let me in and now I have to mention that to the person who bought me my arrival ticket and my initial stay there that this is the situation. Not anticipating this, I went and made some expenditures, not realizing what should have been obvious to me. I hear God laughing in the background. He was insistent with me over the last few weeks, telling me he was going to take care of everything and what that has amounted to is my having to jump through incredible hoops; the like of which I haven’t seen before.
A few days ago, I sent an email to the Indian consulate, which has actually outsourced their visa department to some corporation. India is outsourcing? Is there a little irony here? I give my phone number and the most unlikely thing happens. They actually call me, in fact, the same fellow called me twice to drill into me the requirements for my visa. I have never had a bureaucracy respond in this fashion. Meanwhile, on the first call, the fellow tells me that now I have to come to Munich because it takes 2 weeks to do it by mail. I pointed out that I had 3 weeks. He said we can’t guarantee it. So now I have to travel 550 kilometers and stay in a hotel to get this done. I’m guessing that God is watching my reactions to see how I respond to this (poorly so far- grin).
I’m only listing a few of the incredible events that have happened in the last days, since Thursday, since Thanksgiving, when I was told that everything would change now and told that my ease of passage was going to be incredible and uncanny. As it so happens, a certain side of the progress of these days has been remarkable. Some things have happened that were seriously unlike what I am used to. Everything is topsy turvy. Perhaps I should back up and, as much as possible, tell the story about last Thursday. I’m going to leave some significant features out of the tale, because they reflect on me in a way that I would rather avoid being responsible for and if the situation goes sideways on me, I will look like an idiot. Now, arguably, I have some experience at that …but I’m also more seasoned than I have ever been and God said, “Go ahead and wait to post that Origami, it doesn’t make any difference. You’ll see, won’t you”? I do agree with that. I was also informed that it doesn’t matter anyway because he is about to start doing things in the lives of different readers and that will take care of whatever reticence I have on the matter.
I’m going to send Sim some photos and hopefully he can put them up. One is Poncho and the others are The Little Guy and Lilly Nelson and a shot of me and Susanne’s mom, Liselotte. As those of you familiar with the story know, I found this wet bedraggled pouch, when he was 5 weeks old, hardly hanging on, living on olives that had fallen to the ground. If you have ever eaten an olive off of a tree, you know how they taste. I couldn’t figure it out, why his shit was so black, until I saw him under one of my trees eating olives. It was all he knew. Take a look at him today. Look at this prince of dogs who, when there is an altercation among other dogs, steps in and parts them and has proven to be one of the smartest dogs I have ever seen. This is what comes of stopping your car when you don’t want to and taking some creature into the car that doesn’t look like anything at all. The whole of him fit in my two hands when first we met and those who read here will remember the story of my looking for my glove and him going into the other room and bringing it me. At that time he was about 2 months old. He’s done nothing but blow people’s minds since. I wanted to keep him so bad but I knew he was not for me and he has wound up in the hands of some really fine people who know a great deal more about dogs than I do.
My friends. These are trying times. Yesterday the reader, ‘insiam’ got very angry with me because I have a link to Jim Corr’s site on my pages. He is angry and offended because Jim supports Alex Jones. The God Honest Truth is that I knew nothing about this. I met Jim about 5 years ago when he flew down to see me in Italy. We spent a fantastic few days together, just talking. The simpatico between us was amazing. We’ve all had those experiences where we hit it off with someone. It’s a nice thing to have happen. Then, a couple of years ago, he called me on the phone and said that he just needed to talk to me. We spoke on the phone for about 20 minutes, talking about his family, his son and a few other things. That is all the contact I have had with him. I haven’t been by his site in I can’t remember when. I’m just too busy to go many places, besides the places where I get my links. I may have had one other contact with Jim, I think it had something to do with supporting him in some effort. My memory isn’t clear about that.
Well, ‘insaim’ wanted to make his objections a public thing. I wondered why he didn’t email me. He’s been around for years and you would think some kind of virtual friendship might have come to pass in that time. I responded a little briskly because I was offended at this treatment and can’t understand why someone would hold me accountable for someone else’s opinion, which I knew nothing about. This morning I find two separate comments about my being a fraud and what lickspittles my readers are; that I was a liar among other things. What I have stated here in this posting is the truth. I haven’t lied about anything. Now this fellow is rip snorting pissed at me and I have no idea of what to do. I did not post his comments because I know many readers would have taken him to task and we don’t need that kind of stuff here.
I’ve been the object of some number of resentful behavior on some several person’s part. A lady, who used to be a prominent commenter here, decided to lambaste me about being a dirty old man and launched into a nasty series of statements whose intent was to diminish me because I mentioned Kirsten Stewart, in whom I have no interest whatsoever. I objected to this treatment and she took her ball and went home. That was very strange because I thought we were good friends. It was mystifying. At one point Gardener wanted to visit with her and asked me to make that request of her. She very strongly said “No” and it gave me the eerie feeling that something more than I knew about might be going on with this person. I’ll probably never know what that was all about.
I like ‘insiam’, no doubt more than he likes me. I defended him when that glitch about so much poetry happening here occurred. It is so odd that only a few days later, he would turn on me with a vengeance. I’m really open to being criticized, if the criticism is valid and I can make the connection through being honest with myself and being able to admit somethings as true. I can’t do anything about being slammed for something I knew nothing about. Maybe Jim just doesn’t know. I will let him know but this whole thing has come at a cost.
There are a number of people who resent me for all the good things that people say about me. They feel like I don’t deserve it and need to be taken down a few notches. It’s God that makes this happen, not me. He told me that directly. He said, “It should be obvious that it is me making this happen. There are few people on the internet, with actual intelligence, who garner the support you get. I want this and what I want is immediately so, no matter what it is. I’m going to do a whole lot more that that with you, so, brace yourself, Visible and… rely on me”.
I hope the readers don’t think I sit around and gloat about people saying so many nice things about me, or that it is a sop to my vanity. I intensely dislike vanity and I scourge myself in making sure I am not victimized by it. I pray every day for God to remove my shortcomings and grant me his qualities. I try to talk to God all day long about the things that happen to me. I’m really sincere in seeking God’s ear. I love God more than everything in this world all put together. The feelings that upwell in my heart on occasion, sometimes leaves me breathless, or in tears. A love affair with God will consume you. You have to be prepared to have your whole life turned upside down. You have to be prepared for anything and everything. You can’t have a life like it seems other people do. Your life is over at that point because it will consume you. When God wants your attention and total service and obedience, you have no choice. There are those reading here that know what I mean. Certainly Homer knows what I mean and Cap’n Spadgett, as well as a few others.
My friends, these are tough times and a lot of us are being run off the rails from the pressure and confusion of the times. I’m going to publicly apologize to you, insiam. I’m sorry I reacted the way I did and I hope you can forgive me. I don’t think people realize how busy I am and that sometimes I make mistakes simply from juggling too many balls. I don’t want to lose any of you. You are important to me. You validate my life. You make me more effective and more real than I could ever accomplish on my own. I’ve nothing but gratitude in my heart for your beautiful presences in my life.
I got up at 5 this morning. It’s now 7:52. I’m off to Munich in a couple of hours and if any of the readers are in Munich then email me or comment here and we will arrange to meet; maybe have dinner and a couple of cocktails, or just walk around. You have been notified. If the photos are not right up, please come back and look at them. I really want you to see what became of The Little Guy. The small white dog is our dearly departed Lilly Nelson and Poncho is there too. He’s my good little boy, is Poncho. I notice when we go for a walk that he is proud of me and that makes me feel like… I really can’t tell you. It puts me on top of the world. All his attention is focused on me so much of the day. If I could only give God the attention that Poncho gives me… I would have it all won in the most speedy and energetic fashion (grin). Please my friends, let us not contend with each other. That is what the enemy wants. It breaks my heart when this kind of shit happens. I’m not a fraud or a liar. I have my shortcomings but those are not among them. I’m the real deal, so far as it goes …but I’ve got work to do, for sure. There is definitely room for improvement and you may be sure that I work to that end every single day and even when I am sleeping.
I want you to study the pictures of The Little Guy, as a puppy and as a grown dog. Who would have imagined he would turn into the golden boy? Let’s all keep The Little guy in mind as we go about the routines of our days. Let’s keep him in mind. Don’t pass The Little Guy by.
End Transmission…….

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