Kentucky Teacher Placed In Psych Ward For Declaring 9/11 Was An ‘Inside Job’

Michael Cook has been persecuted and placed in a psychiatric ward simply for saying 9/11 was an inside job and possessing firearms registered legally in Kentucky.

His story is just another in a long line cases where law abiding citizens have been systematically deprived of their due process rights and trampled on by a fascist mindset controlling America.

In a nutshell, Cook’s case exemplifies how freedom of speech and the right to possess firearms are being taken away from Americans. His story further shows how a right to a fair is being replaced with psychiatric incarceration based on flimsy and often-times concocted doctor evaluations.

Cook appeared Monday on Greg Szymanski’s radio show, The Investigative Journal, on the Republic Broadcasting Network at, telling how simply speaking his mind and exercising his rights under the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution are now leading to his second stint in a psychiatric ward.

“Right after this interview at 2pm eastern time, I have to surrender to the U.S. Marshall and then taken to a psychiatric facility. Who knows how long it will take, but the last time I was illegally held for 45 days,” said Cook who lost his job as a special educator for the Covington Ky., Independent School District after talking 9/11 truth to a school district aide.

Cook’s legal troubles began after he shared information to an aide about 9/11 being an inside job as well as telling the aide he legally possessed firearms, including a 45 caliber pistol locked safely away in glove box of his car.

“I have a concealed weapons permit and everything is registered in the state of Kentucky, but that doesn’t seem to matter to authorities,” added Cook, who has been relegated to working as a carpenter until his incarceration in a psych ward Monday.

Here is rundown of Cook’s story in bullet form:

—After Cook talks to school district aide, aide tells head of district who calls Covington Kentucky police.

— Police arrive at Covington School, confiscate his pistol and take him immediately to the Psychiatric ward at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital where he spent 45 days after being evaluated for only minutes, the doctor saying he was paranoid schizophrenic. Cook said the only thing he said to the doctor was that he thought 9/11 to be an inside job.

—Cook was then fired from his teaching position, having his license to teach revoked from in 2006 by the state of Kentucky . Cook is still fighting the revocation but the state has refused to hear any evidence from expert witnesses who promised to testify on his behalf. Cook feels that if was declared mentally ill for saying 9/11 was an inside job, then he should be allowed to proved expert testimony showing his statements were based on the opinions and conclusions of rational men and not based on delusions.

—After taking a carpentry job while fighting the state for his teaching certificate, Cook was then sued in civil court for not paying the $8,500 hospital bill which he is still fighting.

— Cook tried to fight this case but the judge entered a summary judgment without properly allowing Cook to present his case. When he appealed, it was denied.

—In the early part of 2006, President Bush was scheduled to make a speech at Northern Kentucky University. Cook emailed the University President in the days prior to Bush’s speech, saying a 9/11 truth movie should be played to those in attendance before the speech in order to stimulate a truthful discussion. He further stated in an email that Bush should be found guilty of treason by his peers and shot in front of a firing squad.

—Secret Service agents then visited Cook’s home prior to the Bush speech and confiscate his legally registered weapons. Cook said he never intended to be violent, but only expressed his concern about Bush’s failure to address the truth about 9/11 as well as the illegal war in Iraq.

–On 5/19/06, Cook participates in the Bush protest at Northern Kentucky University although two police cars were assigned to follow and watch him throughout the entire protest.

—Although his firearms were returned after the first altercation with the Secret Service, on 6/20/06 agents returned with a search warrant and confiscated the weapons saying since he was admitted to a psych ward he wasn’t allowed to possess any weapons.

—On 8/16/06, Cook was served with a summons and arraigned in federal court on 8/17/06. He received a court appointed attorney for the federal charges listed strangely under The United States of America v. Michael Cook; United States District Court, Eastern District of Kentucky; Criminal Case No. 06-66-WOB. He says he is not superstitious, but thinks it is worth noting the case number 666.

—On 02/05/07, he appears on Greg Szymanki’s radio show to tell his story at 1pm eastern time. At 2pm eastern time he surrenders to the U.S. Marshall and is taken to another psychiatric ward without being allowed to stand trial.

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