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Reflections in a Petri Dish – Nov 26, 2012

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May your noses always be cold an wet.
Every now and then; well, actually several times on each and every day, you run across individuals (and groups as well), hopefully at a distance, who epitomize the very worst expressions, of what are definitely not human beings …but which attempt to pass for one. Such an example can be found here, in a location where a great many similar, cretinous and poisonous snakes can be found, any time the doors are open for business. This individual, whose components can be found on the bottom of your shoe, should you be inattentive, while walking through a dog run in any urban park, looks like what he is; a real life slime ball of gargantuan proportions. This crocodile swine should be publicly guillotined on some Fox network, reality show. People should print out this photo and get creative with it. This photo needs to be circulated. It needs to be printed on rolls of toilet paper and dispensed from holders in the House of Lords. These are the privileged elite, ‘to the manor born’, they should be stripped naked and whipped down the streets of London, on his way to a memorial lamppost, there to be displayed for public viewing, hanging there till he rots and the stink wafts for blocks, exemplifying the stench he carried with him through his life. Oh right, the guillotine.
Here’s why we are afflicted with these types in these times. Who could imagine a Harvard Law Professor putting the word ‘asshole’ in the title of a book? Who could imagine him quoting Kant and Rousseau at the same time, in a book entitled “Assholes, a Theory”. Anyone missing the irony here is probably unfamiliar with the works of these authors. I’ll leave the uncanny inclusion of Hobbs for the entertainment of any of our resident pseudo-intellectuals. Speaking of assholes, how about this grand prize winner? How come he didn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize?
Back in the day, I used to fantasize about my Playboy interview. This is back when I still thought I had a shot at some kind of routine celebrity and I would think about the clever, insightful and controversial things I could say. It was not a large jump from there to getting the Nobel Prize for literature. To show you how dense I was at the time, I thought that prize was a distinct honor. Now, as the years have passed and one asshole after another got a Nobel Prize, many of which were slanted to Tribe members in pursuit of legitimacy; a goal that will never be attained, I view all of these things differently. Ignominy awaits these miscreants and big changes are in the wind and here’s a second wind on that. Apparently Obama has tumbled to the reality of his pending assassination, at the hands of those who killed Kennedy and also did 9/11, among all kinds of other things. I use this particular link, out of all of those available because of the entertaining commentary in the thread. These things have all been made possible by the abject stupidity, greed and capacity for mindless frenzy on the part of the Mr. Potatohead contingent, proliferating through western culture, which by this time should be on a glass slide, or in a Petri Dish and… what do you know? Here we are. Well, it’s not all bad news; next paragraph-
It is my considered opinion that in cloistered confines, in the halls of power, around the world, there are any number of conversations taking place and they all have the same theme. Something has to be done about humanities most pernicious enemy. Yes, I can feel this happening and I know who is provoking it. Yes, it is Mr. Apocalypse; given that yet again, 84% of the Israeli population supported Operation Pillar of Shit-Golems. This is a downgrade from the 94% that supported Operation Cast Lead. I want to point something out here. These genocidal incursions have nothing to do with security or defense, that’s just the BS excuse and one needs to keep in mind that every conflict was initiated and made to happen by the world’s number one aggression nation. If a conflict takes place, they made it happen but… I’m digressing. None of this has anything to do with security or defense. Elimination, subjugation, exile and extermination are the point and they are dying to make it happen and- with your permission- they will.
There goes Mr. Visible, hammering on the SOS again. Can’t he pick a different subject? Why are we subjected to this on what seems like every day? You are subjected to this because I am subjected to the egregious indifference of a stoned and stupid population that thinks getting hosed is a blessed and religious experience. After all, it says that in The Bible doesn’t it? Maybe my eyes are not entirely open but they are open enough to know that we got to carry that weight, on just about every level of human experience that is unpleasant. I see it and I feel it and not all of the phony apologetics that show up around here and say, “It’s not them”. “It’s the Vatican”, or it’s only a few of them, when few and none, is the criticism coming from those who are not all of them and should be saying something and are saying nothing; nada, well… maybe you see my dilemma.
You see, eventually we got to deal with this and also this, which is the same thing and it all ties into being allowed to do this because the religion of materialism is Satanism and we know whose religion is geared to that …because we know something about history and maybe some of you don’t mind following the Judas goat through the paddocks, out on to the killing floor but I do. Maybe you don’t care about yourself but I do. I do. I have to live in this world, at least for some while longer and I will not turn my head from the obvious and horrific offenses, committed on the human race by those who are not human.
In the realm of materialism, there are lots of apps, to fill that vacant space in your heart; of course, they will not fill it. Why are there no spiritual apps? Why are there no apps for what really ails us? Shopping can be deadly, especially when you are looking for deep discounts. Stealing is not permitted, unless it is done by the major thieves, ‘steal a loaf of bread and they hang you. Steal a country and they call you a patriot’. No, I’m not going to lay off on bringing something up again and again because, until people wake the fuck up, I am not going to sleep. You have my word on that. As long as crap like this continues, I’m not going to shut up.
Lately, I am hearing self indulgent expressions of male insecurity about liberated women. They got that Henry Makow virus; put the bitches in skirts because they are the permanent underclass. If you don’t have the class or the stones to win a woman’s heart and heal the condition that brought about all of this anger and resentment then you are no man anyway. The divine feminine is rising, so, get used to it. Part of the negative aspect of the changing on the age, into an Aquarian mindset, is the epidemic of ‘Gay’ copouts because the responsibility of straight is too much to bear. Switching to gay means less responsibility and is also a direct manifestation of materialism and I saw that in my early acid trips. The whole mall consciousness was fueling sexual ambiguity. This is not to say that everyone with that attraction is wrong in their expression because that is a phase we all pass through and it can tend to come about through over sensitivity to certain things. I got no problem calling them as I see them. However, putting your divinely gifted rod where excrement flows, should be a clarification on what people just don’t want to admit. That is a hard, cold reality and I recommend that everyone read Tom Wolfe’s amazing article, “Oh Rotten Gotham, Sliding down the Behavioral Sink”. You want to understand the whole Gay phenomenon, along with a host of other temporary sewer slides, read that story; that’s reality. You’re living in it.
During my time in Hawaii, I heard most days from frustrated men, about how hysterical and messed up the women on the island were. I won’t argue that point. I witnessed it. The goddess thing was really funny. I wrote a song about it called “I’m a New Age Twinkie” and hopefully Sim will put that as “song of the day’. However, I also met and interacted (grin) with some pretty incredible women and all through my life, I have been fortunate enough to have met some real winners. I’ll point out that what exists in America is not the same in Europe. If you can’t find a woman who meets your criteria; supposing you can meet hers, then Europe will suffice. The nut job syndrome tends to be more extreme the further west you move in the US. By the time you get to Hawaii it is really out there but… that’s you too. You make that the way it is. You are the other end of the equation and for every messed up woman, I ran into, I met at least one messed up man who has some idea of entitlement. You’re not entitled to anything but what you earn. You get what you are! You get what you are! Your lessons are tied to your idea of what is real, counterpointed by what you want. There are all kinds of incredible women out there, try being an incredible man and see what happens.
Well, folks, I segued out of one thing and into another and they are both connected. Get a clue and get a grip. It’s like that masturbation joke. This guy had a problem with jerking off, so he went to the doctor and told him about it. The doctor told him it was a matter of his way of dealing with it that made it impossible to control and that next time he had the urge, he should take his dick into his hand and simply say, “Die! Die!”. So he went home and, typically, was watching some porn and wanted to ease the pressure. He took his dick in his hand and remembering the doctor said, Die! Die! Die! Dietty dietty dietty diety, oh yeah! Diety diety diety die”.
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