Satanist Pedophiles Rule Great Britain

by David Richards – Nov 25, 2012 

(David Richards, 24, a Brit who teaches English in Mongolia, is a regular contributor.) 
Pedophilia is common practice in the British establishment.
This is difficult for the British public to believe. At our level, pedophilia is a crime heavily punished by the law and condemned by the mainstream media.
However, Illuminati members are above the law and partake in pedophile rings without fear of prosecution.
The Illuminati operate pedophile rings for three main reasons:
1. Most members of the cult have a psychopathic and sadomasochistic psychological make-up, and therefore have perverted sexual desires.
2. Pedophile rings operate as a system of blackmail, enforcing conformity to the NWO. All members of the establishment are vetted by security services. Hidden cameras are place at child sex parties to gather incriminating material.
3. Perversion is the way Satanists worship.  Just as a Christian might perform works of charity, the Satanist will prey on children. 


The following cases prove the existence of establishment pedophile rings in Britain.

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