Voice of the White House February 5, 2007

“All one hears inside the Beltway these days is the debate about whether or not Bush will invade Iran. What would be the royal reasons for this?

1. Iran, a Shiite country that hates the U.S., is supplying all kinds of very destructive weaponry to their co-religionists in occupied Iraq.

2. Iran has dared to defy Bush by refusing to stop working on what Bush claims are atomic weapons. They say they aren’t and he says they are.

Both lie.

Bush realizes he has lost the battle in Iraq but is too weak and too stubborn to admit it. He wants to have one last push to be able to declare a propaganda victory and he can’t have it as long as Iran supports the criminal elements (or Freedom Fighters, take your pick) so he has threatened Iran with war. Iran, knowing they have the support of Russia, China and most of Europe, has, in essence, given Bush the Persian Finger.

On the other hand, beloved Israel is terrified that Iran might attack them and has been pushing and shoving Bush into killing off the Iranians (and, not to mention of course, many more American soldiers) Congress is not happy but Bush does not care what Congress or the American voting public thinks.

Bush honestly believes he has a mandate from God to do what he wants and by God, he will do it!

We don’t have the ground troops and Israel would never send a single soldier so the plan has been to use the Navy to launch carrier air strikes against possible targets in Tehran.

The only problem with this is that the carrier task force, confined in the Persian Gulf, is terribly vulnerable to rocket attack from the very deadly Russian missiles that country has given Iran.

Bush is damned if he does and certainly damned if he doesn’t. If he were an intelligent or sane man, which he certainly is not, he would fold up and leave the table but this will never happen.

That plans to attack Iran have been drawn up is a 100% certainty but whether Bush will implement them no one knows. Bush will not listen to professional political or military advice. Maybe the final argument will come from the Israeli Ambassador’s office.”

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