The Visible Darkness of the Unyielding Night

Smoking Mirrors – Nov 25, 2012

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Well, as you know, the biggest thing that crosses my mind and puts the most copy and static on my head, is materialism and you can see it all right here. If you can’t see this and if this doesn’t make the point in your mind, then nothing is going to reach and move you. If you don’t get this, then you truly are dumber than a rock. If you don’t understand why things like this are happening, then there is not much I can tell you. If you don’t understand why some people are absolute lying pieces of shit, then you probably don’t get much of anything, especially when you have to take the trouble to defend something like this.
If you can’t fight Satanic monsters like this, then you will never master or control monsters like this inside of you. That’s just how it is. I can’t be responsible for people not getting things. True, there are things I don’t get either but some things I do get and you should get them too, or else, or else, or else what? Right.
The darkest and most deadly virus on Earth, besides Zionism (and that force, aspected from another section of it’s operation, is behind that too) is materialism, manifested out of The Golden Calf initiative. Here are some examples in all of their ink black darkness. Yes, there are many examples and I mean a whole lot of them. The directed rage that is loose in The United States, is a clear preview of what is coming to the land of material excess; although this is a world wide problem that was presaged around a hundred years ago by Alice Bailey. It is interesting that one of the alternative media’s, agent provocateurs, takes his usual disinfo stance; showing his true colors, which crop up here and there but which he generally masks by throwing out his pro-forma opposite persona, which is nothing but a mask, like Alex Jones and Gordon Duff. Of course, a lot of people get pissed off when you say these things. They have investments in these people, or weak excuses, like, “C’mon, Alex wakes up a lot of sleeping people in the mainstream, so he does some good”. Uh huh. Does that outweigh all the palpable bullshit he authors routinely, each day, in his bombastic, full bore paranoid, red-faced screaming, psycho rants? Dual messages like Alex’s, invariably lead to things like this. Then they are intentionally stoked by vile rat-boys like this. They are also long term pushing it with mechanisms like this. They want that civil war and why? Because they have done so much bad shit that is coming home to roost, that it cannot be hidden anymore and they have no choice. Their very survival rests upon them eliminating the competition. The arrogance of these big multinational monsters, like My Satan is impressive in all the worst ways.
Keep in mind that this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse. His eyes are on everything and that means your eyes will be forced to as well. It’s all coming out, day by day. The truth of what is going on, is galvanizing all sorts of efforts, because a lot of people are finally seeing that they are next. This is accented and amplified by other things coming to light. As it turns out, this nasty piece of business that I mentioned in the last posting, turns out to be true. Imagine the unmitigated evil of these people! This naturally leads to  the natural, cosmic imperative of evil destroying itself. 
Clear parallels are appearing all over the place. This is Mr. Apocalypse’s doing. I realize that there are more links in this posting than I have ever presented before but all of this dovetails into the point we are trying to make here and we hope that point gets made, because a lot of people’s survival depends on it and some of those people may be reading this. Some things are true and don’t get the press needed and some of these things explain a lot about why the things that are happening are happening. For those with a degree of intelligence, there is a lot you can find out, if you are willing to look a little further and dig a little deeper.
A lot of nasty situations are continuing and indicating much worse for times to come. The outrage against the Red Cross, in this instance, is considerably muted by the massive appeals for sending money to the Red Cross. Before I even knew that the Red Cross had screwed the pooch on this one, I was seeing the ads for money and instinctively saying to myself, “What a pack of liars”. Meanwhile, FEMA and long time criminal, Michael Bloomberg, were also missing in action, while being praised by the captive Zionist press. There was no help coming from officialdom. Most of the assistance was coming from neighbors and those good souls who went out to see what they could do. At the same time, widespread looting and God knows, whatever other crimes, were rampant. Even the worst of the media was reporting on this. If you do a net search on this you will find article after article.
The odious influence of Political Correctness, plays loose and fast with the truth (only for scholarly and disciplined minds) and doesn’t give a damn because the intent of Political Correctness is the destruction of both operative culture and civilization. This ties in across the board with all sorts of other things (How sick is all of this? I guess that depends on how sick you are), all being instituted by the same people that sit on the boards of all of the alternative sexual movements. This is going on at all levels and because of the relentless brainwashing of Satan’s chosen children, no efforts of significance are working to counteract this demonic garbage. This all represents the tastes and interests of those at the top of the perverted pyramid of elite control. In the UK it’s truly over the top and this is a multi-pronged effort in all of the Crown Colonies. In the US and UK, children are regularly taken away from heterosexual caretakers for all kinds of specious reasons, while same sex applicants simply cruise through the process and the tactics at work are truly despicable. I’m not going to link everything but if I mention something, it is because I have already seen it time and time again. Forums tell you what’s going on in the minds of the public, both vested and objective, both informed and uninformed, on and on.
Insanity is breaking out all over the place. Can you imagine what is going on in The Shallow Graves Department, under the radar, in the deserts and basements of The Great American Nightmare? Consider all the forces at work, in this time of Mr. Apocalypse? Mr. Apocalypse does not just uncover things; he ‘forces them’ to the surface. This means that all that dark and unresolved crap, in people with undisciplined minds and unexpressed passions, birthed by polluted imaginations, under the cloud of runaway materialism, are being pressed out into expression. This is not a good thing for the people manifesting it and even worse for the people it is being manifested on. This is not just the time of summing up, this is also the time of breaking out, in relation to the weakest chain in the link. Those who have not done the necessary work on themselves, in former times, are going to find themselves in the uncharted territory of the unknown self. We have inside us, everything noble and great, as well as everything dark and dreadful. Only a doomed fool, fools his or herself. In times of unbridled materialism, the tendency to fool yourself is great.
We’ve been waiting a long time for the long overdue judgments on the Kissinger’s, Rothschilds, Rockerfeller’s, Soros’s and sundry. They are not alone, the majority of Wall Street, The City in London, the movers and shakers at the corporations, the vultures in the courts and the brutal orcs in law enforcement …and there’s more. There’s the muttonheaded sheep and all the Dudley Do-Rights, who do wrong and don’t know the difference. There’s the willing canon fodder who think going to war is romantic, until they blow away their first unarmed family, or see their comrades shot to pieces by people protecting their homelands, against vicious and better armed assailants and then getting all outraged about what they so richly deserve to have happen to them.
Everything is upside down and backwards these days. The common man and woman is being relentlessly manipulated, through appetite and ignorance by the same trolls who have been at work, breaking every law we rely on to define us as civilized. Something has to change. Many things have to change and they will. They will. One of these days some big surprises are going to render us speechless and that time is in the event horizon, as I write these words.
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