Secession – Distraction or Trap?

By Richard Evans – Nov 23, 2012

There were secessionist movements in Texas as far back as the 1990s before anyone heard of Barack Obama.
For example, you might occasionally see a TEXAS SECEDE bumper sticker; however, these were fringe gestures. 
But, since Obama’s re-election, the Texas secession movement picked up considerable support. In addition, we now see strong secession petitions in all the southern states, and these have spread to all 50 states. The most bizarre aspect of this movement is where these petitions are hosted. The White House!
Oddly, The Obama Administration established a method to petition his own administration online.  However, for anyone seriously seeking their state’s secession from the USA, they need to petition their own state legislature. 
Why isn’t The Obama Administration telling Americans that the President lacks jurisdiction to rule on these petitions? And why are Americans being misdirected and distracted in this matter? Apparently, the Texas petition has already crossed The White House threshold (25,000 signatures) requiring Obama to officially respond.


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