Navy fires two more commanders

Introduction – Nov 23, 2012

A whole string of senior commanders in various branches of the U.S. military and intelligence services have been relieved of their posts in recent months.
One of the first was to go was Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of a U.S. Navy Carrier Battle Group who was recalled to Washington from the Straits of Hormuz at the end of October and promptly fired after he appeared before navy commanders in the capitol.
The Navy has not disclosed the reasons for this, saying only that Gaouette was “unfit for command”.
A string of other high profile military and intelligence officers have followed Gaouette in recent weeks. Probably the most senior being the then CIA director General Petraeus, who was forced to leave his post allegedly because of an extramarital affair.
Petraeus’s affair was probably a pretext. As Webster Tarpley has pointed out, many of those who have been relieved of their commands seemed to have been actively working toward instigating a conflict with Iran, probably on Israel’s behalf.
This ongoing purge, for that’s what it is, seems to be the Obama’s administration’s response to Zionist attempts to covertly manipulate the U.S. military and intelligence. Now two more officers have joined the growing list of officers relieved of their commands.

Navy fires two more commanders

Cristina Silva – Stars and Stripes Nov 20, 2012

The Navy on Monday dismissed two commanders amid allegations of misconduct, weeks before they were both scheduled to assume new commands.

Capt. Ted Williams was relieved as commander of the amphibious command ship USS Mount Whitney, and Cmdr. Ray Hartman was relieved as commander of the amphibious dock-landing ship USS Fort McHenry, said Cmdr. Marc Boyd, spokesman for U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa. The Navy would not describe the nature of the allegations. Both investigations center on personal conduct, Boyd said.

Williams’ investigation began Oct. 26 and is pending adjudication, Boyd said. Williams has been temporarily reassigned to the staff of U.S. 6th Fleet in Naples. He took command of the Mount Whitney in September 2011. Before that, he served as interim executive officer of the USS Eisenhower after then-executive officer Capt. Robert Gamberg was relieved of command.

Capt. Craig Clapperton has since been named the commanding officer of the Mount Whitney. Clapperton had been scheduled to take command of the Mount Whitney in December. His change of command was accelerated because of Williams’ departure.

Clapperton previously served as the executive office of the USS Harry S. Truman. He assumed command of the ship for four days in November 2011 after the death of Capt. Tushar Tembe, according to the Navy.

The allegations against Hartman were officially reported on Saturday, Boyd said. He has been temporarily reassigned to the staff of Destroyer Squadron 60 in Naples pending the results. He took command of the Fort McHenry in May 2011.

The ship’s new commander is Cmdr. Eric Kellum, who previously served as Fort McHenry’s executive officer.

Williams was scheduled to change command on Dec. 6, while Hartman’s change of command had been set for Dec. 12.

Twenty-two other commanders have been relieved of duty by the Navy this year


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