“Snuggle Humpers and the Bareback Congo Warriors”.

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Nov 21, 2012

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May your noses always be on good terms with your ears.
For some reason …and it is not my department. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to ratchet up a terror attack. It’s the same thing with assassinations, trigger points and assorted, false flags. It has to be hi-tech when you only get wounded. No, I’m not saying this is what that was. I am saying it was engineered. Originally I had a BBC report, where the news-lady (she’s no lady) was trying to do a ‘leading the witness ‘ thing, although it seemed not everyone was in on what was going on. Too bad I don’t still have that link because there was a guy being rolled away on a trolley who looked like he had been sent in from Central Casting and where the fuck is Archduke Ferdinand? “Yo Dukester! I like your assemblage. Maybe you and Hilarious Clinton can do some flamenco Dancing with the Stars!
Oh darling, there are strange winds blowing all to Hell and gone. Do you need perspective on the size of The Congo? It is the size of Western Europe. Think there might be shit in there that the banker’s want. Ever heard of Coltan? It be for mobile phones. The 8 most developed countries all speak Germanic languages. I believe I have pointed out, at some time earlier, that Deutsch is the international language of economics. Vas ist dis in meine pocketsy, ya! Dis is Yiddish.
You think, there might be some shit in the ground ♫down in jungle land♫? Ya think? Alright then, crank up those engines of war, so I can go and get me some more. I remember reading about the women who were bringing this element, to wherever it goes, from the mines and they would have these cloth bags on their backs that were filled up with the item and held on their backs by a rope that went across their forehead. They say that many of them had a permanent indentation in that location, to the degree of a quarter of an inch. You keep that in mind the next time you are texting Snuggle Humpers about your next bareback rodeo session.
Yeah, that insidious wench over at the BBC was talking to this Israeli,. Harvard student. It’s just part of the process to be Ivy League, which has fraternal twisted sister action, with The Bush League; if you catch my drift. You can’t help but to get all teary eyed and even deliquescent, when you come across something like this, shoehorned through your unicorn prong-hole. It makes you want to take a walk with The Walrus and the Carpenter, when you make the connections between the different leagues. No! Man! I do not want to go sideways Sunday today and today is not Sunday and I be I and I. And you be you and you and you too.
So… they’re chillin’ or killing in The Congo. It depends on only a few letters exchanged, in the space, in the absence, in the place where maybe they lived once .
I have a thing about Thanksgiving. I have a deep and voluminous love for Thanksgiving because I am all about gratitude. I try to remember all the things I am grateful for, in a life that I don’t think anyone else would want, given the prior itinerary. I am especially grateful that I am not like a lot of people. I plan on being grateful tomorrow. Most people don’t know how much they should be grateful for but they will find out at some point, if expressing gratitude is not their strong point. I’m going to tell you a cosmic secret. It will take with the people it applies to and the rest will gloss over it, or forget it. We will not forget it because it is critical to our mission. It is one of the weapons in our arsenal. As Lao Tzu said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead”. That secret is, being grateful creates more reasons for you to be grateful.
We wish all of you a day of remembering and gratitude, as opposed to a day of eating and drinking and shopping and also killing, as the case may be, in the day to day of some people. We apologize for the brevity and say, “Unleash the Levity”!
A most Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may your every returning year, routinely make you ever more grateful.
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