Banker Nation’s, Thug-life Brutalization of Civilization

Smoking Mirrors – Nov 20, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The collective stink of greed, money and blood, is stupefying. I do not enjoy the smell of this toxic waste, burning in the morning. It should be clear to anyone, who deserves to live past this day, that it is of signal importance to control the information media, if mass murder and rapacious, grasping, evil needs are your agenda. That 96% control of the media comes in mighty handy. Although the artistry is lost on me, I suppose one must call it artful; the way that Israel can shamelessly present herself as a victim, while mercilessly slaughtering the poorly armed resistance to her genocidal frenzy.
The agony of the irony, that these mercenary thugs have no actual connection to the land they squat upon and which actually belongs to the people they are destroying, is matched by their ridiculous claims of Semitic heritage, which they are not in possession of but… their victims are. Their victims are.
Given that there is a paucity of sane and rational minds, let us consider what a sane and rational mind might compute, given the evidence of what Gaza IS and what Israel IS. Let us present the Cliff Notes version of what is, understanding that most other versions exist, for the purpose of their complexities concealing the truth; an international gang of bankers, along with various criminals from other persuasions of practice, along with a collection of feckless, compromised politicians, passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. This initiated a slam dunk control, incrementally accomplished, over the most powerful nation on Earth (militarily speaking).
This set the stage for a World War, for banker profit and profit there was, for bankers and those so Rogered accordingly, though not so vigorously Rogered as the lump and prole. Then a period of drafting and infernal blueprinting went on, which led up to, the intended and orchestrated next World War for banker profit. Following this monstrous bloodbath, the internationally scattered, but linked, bankers put forth the proposition to Money Central, (which put Roger into penetration mode for the usual political and religious leaders, bent over before him and crying out, but not in unison (with varying levels of volume), “Do me”! “No, do me”! “Do me first”! “Please, do me, do me first”!) that this collection of Ashke-NAZI bankers, should be allowed to return to their non existent homeland, presently occupied by the original inhabitants, in order to create a Central Banker Nation, Crime Syndicate from which to rule the entire world (although, they might not have put it exactly like that).
The most powerful country in the world (militarily speaking- and at that time, economically as well) said, “Hey! Why not”? Actually, they said, “Hey! Why not”? …as a result of the country they won their independence from- but never actually got- telling them they were, “good to go”. So, it followed that a bunch of Mongol Turks, or Turkish Mongols, as you prefer, were permitted to mislabel themselves into world culture, with a false gene marker that identified them as Semitic, which they were not. It’s a lot like that HIV thing, in more ways than one. This done, they were suited up in phony personas that gave them some kind of small print rights, to claim what is, way euphemistically, called The Holy Land and then to drive all the other inhabitants off the land, except for the ones they killed and whom they continue to kill to this moment.
This international banker, crime nation has been exterminating the lawful occupants of the land they seized for some decades. They are now quite impatient because, as far as they are concerned, they have a right to everything from the Nile to the Euphrates. So they engineered an attack on the most powerful country on Earth, who is also their chief defender and financial tick-hog and then used their control of the American political system and world media, to sell the blatant lie that the act was performed by Muslims. This made it possible for them to then orchestrate wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and HOPEFULLY Iran; in order to get all this real estate, which this most miniscule number of the human(?) population so desperately needs, for reasons known only to them.
In the process of all these low jinks, this crime nation, has pretty much destroyed the western financial system; not forgetting all of the attendant corruptions, of all other systems that made doing it possible and which they are also responsible for.
While all of this dark, monster shit, has been going on, they have looted the financial resources of many nations and recognition of this has been slowly coming to the surface of public attention, into the minds of those who operate in these areas. This accounts for all of the distractions that have been going on. These are devised to take the public’s attention, off of the severe Rogering that it is experiencing at the hands of the ones who have been looting and pillaging them, ♫rape and pillage, rape and pillage, let’s go out and burn a native village, you can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other♫
That was the Cliff Notes version of how it is, with the exception of a couple of truly monstrous concoctions that one is not allowed to discuss but… you know what those are AND… so does Mr. Apocalypse, as he goes about tapping things and then turning on the gas chromatography-mass spectrometry feature in his walking stick and sticking it in places where the sun don’t shine but where the sun should most definitely shine ♫Let the sun shine. Let the sun shine in♫ as provided in concert with Lady Nature; then comes sunlight as the best disinfectant. Mr. Apocalypse has got himself a LABRADOR. Good doggie!
As much as demon science has messed up the landscape, there is no denying that nothing can remain hidden, other than the ineffable, in the human pursuit of discovery. This means that time is a critical factor for banker nation. All of banker nation’s, thug-life brutalization of civilization is coming up under the microscope. We are in discovery mode! Unless you have your head up your ass AND I suspect, you will discover that soon enough as well; speaking in olfactory terms, the comparative scents will, no doubt, provide an ‘aromatica horribilus’ to the discerning connoisseur. Yes, Virginia, something did crawl up in there and die. Lordy! I don’t know what that is but I am going in the opposite direction. Can I get a sachet? The vapors! The Vapors! I swoon.
Thank God I got out of that paragraph, oh, The horror! The horror. Where the fuck is the white wine and cheese? “Who knows where this is going to end up” indeed (be sure and click on the video). Yes people. Well, you got your white wines and you got your is it white whines and no doubt, Mr. Symbiosis knows sumpin bout dat, says Visible.
So now, it is the outworking. This is another feature of Mr. Apocalypse’s job. When Mr. Apocalypse taps on something, it outworks. That’s not the same as out-sourced, though, no doubt, many will wish that they had done so. The beauty of Mr. Apocalypse is in the pressing forth, of all those so engaged in the schemes of our time, so as to let their ugly flowers blossom.
By this time, any fool should know (who, me?) that Howdy Doody, Bwak! Bwak! Obama, is backdoor compromised to a T. No one, in the position he is in; meaning, President of the United States (and all it is supposed to stand for) would permit, assist or tolerate (by this time) such heinous and vile behavior, as we presently are seeing from Banker Crime Nation. “IsraHELL has every right to defend itself against these obstreperous women and children”. Yes, our hood ornament, president, the bobbing Nodwell, who represents the late great, bloated states of a crumbling republic, says, “Yowsah! You mow dat lawn!
Brothers and sisters and those of you who have abandoned the premise that such relationships can exist, this is the outworking of the indwelling evil, being forced out into manifestation by the one who is going to kick their asses. First off, their criminality, I guess, must be demon-strated for all the world to see, so that there shall be no equivocation about what is what and who is who.
I know that you do not hear me; you talking heads, you many, many enablers, you sundry scamming for a bigger paycheck and a more insulated zone. I know you don’t hear me, you muttonheads. I know you don’t hear and you don’t see, although I know you do hear and see but would rather not. It goes contrary to your principal motivation; ‘take care of number 1′. I know you got your poses together and I know that many of you are already engaged in dissembling and reinventing yourselves, just in case it don’t turn out the way your paymasters intend, well… you’ve been having your run for awhile. You’ve been watching them mow the grass. You’ve been having cocktails on the lawn and complimenting these diligent gardeners, on the beauty and righteousness of their endeavors; these oppressed few, who through the centuries have been so injured and tormented and are now surrounded by their enemies and like Tony Perkins, at the end of the movie, “Psycho”, you can hear them saying, “I wouldn’t even hurt a fly”.
Yeah, ya’ll bought that ticket to the VIP lounge. You took the front end and gave everyone else the back end and now you’re high profile, your name in lights; people talking about you, going here, going there, doing this, doing that. All the recognizable actors are going through the motions, raising disingenuous to an art form. King Toad Kissinger’s hanging with Robert Kraft at The New England Patriots game. I may need to find me another team but it’s not the player’s fault. It’s just a game anyway but… this other, that ain’t no game. You play you pay, sooner or later. Lie to yourself all you want. Lie to everyone else too. Shape the news and information to suit the man who pays you to do it. What? Now you won an award? Well, you get right up out of your seat son and go up on that stage and claim it. There are going to be all kinds of awards coming, let’s hope you enjoy them when you get them.
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