Hitler and Bormann Were Traitors

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com Nov 19, 2012 from May 2011

In the past, I have presented evidence that Martin Bormann, the man who signed Hitler’s paycheck, was a Soviet, i.e. Illuminati agent; but I was not sure if Hitler was also a conscious traitor.
The testimony of General Reinhard Gehlen, Chief of Abwehr Intelligence  for Russia, suggests that he was.
In his memoirs, “The Service” (World Pub.1972) Gehlen says that he and Admiral Canaris, head of the Abwehr, suspected there was a traitor in the German Supreme Command.
Both had noticed that the Soviets were receiving “rapid and detailed information .. on top level decision-making.” 
They both suspected Martin Bormann, the Deputy Fehrer and Head of the Nazi Party.
“Our suspicions were largely confirmed when, independently of one another, we found out that Bormann and his group were operating an unsupervised radio transmitter network and using it to send coded messages to Moscow.
When OKW monitors reported this, Canaris demanded an investigation; but word came back that Hitler himself had emphatically forbidden any intervention: he had been informed in advance of these Funkspiele, or “fake radio messages,” and he had approved them” (p.71).



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