Iranian arms ship carries fresh, improved Fajar supplies for Gaza

DEBKAfile – Nov 19, 2012

An Iranian 150-ton freighter departed Bandar Abbas port Sunday, Nov. 18, with a cargo of 220 short-range missiles and 50 improved long-range Fajar-5 rockets for the Gaza Strip, debkafile’s intelligence sources report. The ship turned toward the Bab al-Mandeb Straits and the Red Sea.

The new Fajar-5s have a 200-kilo warhead, which packs a bigger punch than the 175 kilos of explosives delivered by the rockets in current use with the Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip.  To extend their range to cover the 85 kilometers from Gaza to Tel Aviv, Hamas removed a part of their payloads to make them lighter.

Tehran is sending the fresh supply of disassembled rockets to replenish the stocks its allies, the Palestinian Hamas and Jihad Islami, depleted in their round-the-clock attacks on Israel since Nov. 10.

To throw Israeli surveillance off the trail, the ship started its voyage called Vali-e Asr owned by the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, and was quickly renamed Cargo Star and hoisted the flag of Tuvalu. This South Pacific island nation, which lies between Hawaii and Australia, has a tiny population of 11,000, most of them Polynesians. Iran provides most of its revenue since earlier this year when Prime Minister Willy Telavi agreed to register Iran’s entire tanker fleet of 22 vessels to Tuvalu, to help Tehran dodge the US-EU oil embargo.

Our intelligence sources have learned that four big Sudanese shipping boats sailed out of Port Sudan early Monday and are waiting to rendezvous with the Cargo Star and offload its missile cargo in mid-sea.

The Sudanese will then be told by Tehran whether put into Port Sudan with the missiles, or turn north and sail up the Red Sea to the Straits of Tiran to link up with Egyptian fishing boats which regularly ply this waterway in the service of Palestinian-Iranian smuggling networks. They would unload the missile cargo in a quiet inlet on the Sinai coast. From there, it would be carried to the smuggling tunnels running from Sinai under the border into the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian teams assisted by Iranian and Hizballah technicians in the Gaza Strip would then assemble the new rockets and make them operational.

Through most of the voyage, two Iranian warships, the Khark heliicopter carrier and Shahid Naqdi destroyer, which are posted permanently in the Red Sea, escorted the arms ship until the cargo changed hands.

debkafile’s Iranian sources also disclose that the Jihad Islami leader Ramadan Abdullah Shelah was sharply remanded by Tehran for meeting Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi in Cairo Sunday to discuss terms for halting Israel’s counter-missile operation in Gaza now in its sixth day.

Iran bankrolls these Palestinian extremists and has no intention of letting Shelah bow to Cairo’s wishes which run counter to Tehran’s plans and interests.

While Egypt’s new Islamist leaders are intent on carving out for themselves a responsible role in the region by restoring order, solving crises and restraining radicals, radical Iran has its own fish to fry and is bent on escalating war tensions in the Middle East.


Comment – Nov 19, 2012

Readers should note that we post this to provide wider perspective, not as an endorsement. DEBKAfile is known to have connections to Israeli intelligence and could therefore be used as a conduit for disinformation.
Nonetheless, it can occasionally provide useful items of intelligence.
However to digress briefly: the elite and their servile media have long sought to cast a particular but vital human ability in negative light.
No doubt you’ve noticed how often and how negatively the word discrimination is used: age discrimination, racial discrimination, sexual discrimination and so on.
Association has tainted the word with all manner of negativity and linked it to condemnation. That is intentional. Because in itself the power of discrimination, the ability to distinguish and discern is a vital ability and not necessarily a bad one.
However, it’s not something the elite want exercised as it enables people to think for themselves. And independent thinking deprives the elite of the power to manipulate and control: hence the efforts of their servile media to associate “discrimination” with “prejudice” and “intolerance” and other negative attributes.
It should be emphasised however that the elite are NOT averse to blanket discrimination: ALL white, or ALL blacks, or ALL Jews or ALL anything they will even encourage. What is harmful to their interests is discrimination at a more particularized level: as in individuals rather than groups.
Because if there’s one thing they hate, it’s the independent minded individual. He or she is poison to their plans. 
So we suggest that in reading DEBKAfile readers’ use their much-maligned powers of discrimination. It may come from associates of Israeli intelligence but amidst the disinformation one may also find valuable items of information. Ed

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