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Visible Origami – Nov 19, 2012

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Much of the quality of our lives, depends on our information flow; the sort of information and where it comes from. Generally, people rely on sources outside themselves, to confirm or refute what they are picking up on, or not picking up on. This makes all the difference in how we feel and what happens to us. It determines what we consider to be real. If it’s not real, then you have a problem, sooner or later. The later you have the problem, the more serious that problem will be. To paraphrase Lao Tu, ‘if you’re sane, you catch it swiftly and “your cure is quick”. Otherwise, it moves from an occasional misapprehension to a chronic condition.
The majority of the world is listening to the world. The world’s job is to deceive and entrap you. It’s what it does. It’s the land of enchantment. You might have been thinking that’s New Mexico. No, that’s the whole operation. There’s an old term from The Book of Common prayer that goes, “the world, the flesh and the devil”. You contend with the magnetics between these things. One is an environment. One is the weakness in you and one is an active agent, representative of the lies of sensation. The whole world is on fire with desire. It is often the case that you can’t see something when you are contained within it; when it surrounds you. This puts you in a subjective state and that is the prevailing status of most people. One of the things, most impinged upon in the modern world, is our objective capacity; the ability to detach ourselves from circumstances and more clearly see the circumstances. The endless and relentless distractions and diversions are designed to keep us in a subjective state. We become subjects to a false ruler. It’s like the false light and the true light. We wind up giving our allegiance to what confines us, instead of what liberates us.
One of the reasons I have stressed the discipline of meditation (though not recently) is that it is a gradual ascent into greater awareness, or it can be. If you’re not doing it right, you’re like a dog chasing it’s tail. Certain substances can jump you right out of the envelope but the results are temporary. Meditation can take you out of the loop, eventually but gradually. It’s going to have inconsistent results if practiced inconsistently. That makes sense, right? This isn’t something you do on alternate days of the week. I’ve mentioned a particular example before. I’ll mention it again for the benefit of those who may not have been around then and also for the benefit of those who have forgotten it (grin).
When you begin your days with meditation, you enter a slipstream of consciousness, at a particular level and everything you encounter and experience, is happening at that vibratory rate. It can make a huge difference in terms of what you run into and how you respond to it. Anyone who has been a regular meditator, knows the difference between how it goes when they have had a successful meditation, or when they got up late, or got hit with something they weren’t expecting and so missed their meditation and went running out the door. Hold on, you forgot your keys; back in and then back out again. Everything is suddenly different that it usually is. You are operating on a different slipstream now and it’s not the usual smooth sailing. If you observe the people moving in the world around you, you can see they are on different slipstreams. Some of them are fast walking down the street with a slice of pizza in their hand; eating on the run. You see all kinds of things if you are watching.
I often suggest to people that they go and sit on a park bench; yeah, someone might hit on you but you take a shot anyway (grin). You can just as well sit in a restaurant or a bar. The idea is not to get sucked into the situation, which is something you know can happen, like when you are watching TV. At first you know you are watching TV and then, pretty quickly, a point comes where you are unaware of yourself, as something apart from the experience. If you are closely observing, you are able to see what draws and attracts people. You can see all kinds of things, like the loneliness factor, the sleaze factor, the clueless factor, the intently goal oriented, determined factor. There are all kinds of factors at work. However, most people just dumpty, dumpty dum, down the road to wherever. A lot of people have this, ‘let it flow, go with the flow’ thing and then boom! Right into the abyss.
The mind is a monkey and has been compared to a monkey by many informed observers. You might think of Hanuman as being a mind completely surrendered to the higher self. This is an example of the mind being your worst enemy as well as, potentially, your best friend. The whole point of chanting, unceasing prayer and related disciplines, is to proactively occupy the mind with a positive focus. Otherwise the unruly mind will occupy itself with whatever comes along and form endless images of whatever your usual predispositions might be. This can be very much influenced by the dog of desire. The non stop yapping of the dog of desire, easily distracts the monkey mind. It’s pretty simple and basic stuff, but not if you are caught up in the middle of it. That can just go on looping ad infinitum and there you are eating on the run again, which is not a good idea.
When you are on that park bench, in that bar, restaurant or sitting in a mall, if you are paying attention, you can see ranks of bad habit, going by or acting out in front of you. This requires intent focus and it is something that can be learned and developed, with the most surprising results over time. You would be very surprised at the level to which this can be developed. Then you can see the hypnotic somnambulism going on all around you. You see the internalization of dreaming, longing and a host of other states, going on and on and on in a kind of cultural, Horse Latitudes.
There’s nothing accidental about all the bad food, the cheap and offensive entertainments, the vacuity of the music, the epidemic of poisonous and legal pharmaceuticals, the endemic corruption in officialdom, the brutality of the police, the endless wars and the ever tightening stranglehold of the bankers. This is all an orchestrated environment; a mental hospital, containment zone. You can’t see it, if you are deep in it. Detachment becomes the most difficult art. Meditation grants you a leg up in this regard. It increases both focus and awareness. It’s a big boon to concentration, which is “the secret of the magical art”. It certainly schools in detachment. Detachment, militates against attachment. Becoming free of attachment, or managing to live in the world and not be of it, is the central goal of having a spiritual directive, as the motivating force in your life.
The world as it is at the moment and as it is most of the time, is a deadly snare. The intensity of the world, as it is at the moment, is directly related to the phenomenal possibilities that exist at this point of the ending and beginning of a 26,000 year cycle. It’s not going to come around again for quite a while. Consider that all we know about human history, in the conventional sense, is only one fifth of this time sequence. The whole thing has broken down and built itself up more than once over this period. Atlantis exists as a myth and a rumor, even though it was quite real, when it was and no longer real when it was suddenly not.
The tools for making your life something meaningful and beautiful are readily available, just like the slice of pizza, in the hands of the person who has so engaged themselves that they do not have the time, or do not think they have the time, to stop and eat like a sane person. Eating in this fashion, not engaging in gratitude when you do, not recognizing the effect of eating in this manner, all leads to a very dysfunctional existence. It definitely promotes stress, which is at the source of the majority of disease and a general lack of well being overall. Mention this to people and they will tell you to mind your own business; self will run riot.
In the end, we are responsible for the value we give and deny to what we do and do not value. Focused observation will clearly tell you what people value and do not value. That is for each individual to decide, “Where your heart is, there your treasures are also”.
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A short observation on the series of books in “A Song of Ice and Fire”, by George R.R. Martin. I finished it a couple of days ago and I have to say that I am on the whole disappointed. It is senselessly brutal and the author just whimsically kills anyone he feels like, at any time, as if his whole point were that, I can break the usual rules any time I want to. He thinks he’s being clever and cutting edge but he is not. There are reasons that most novels and fictional representations, follow certain schemes and themes. Martin apparently doesn’t get this or doesn’t care. People may disagree with me but that’s my two cents worth.
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