Japan’s Reproductive Breakdown

by Marcos – (henrymakow.com) Nov 18, 2012

 In Japan, a country once regarded as conservative, nobody wants to marry anymore. 
In Japan, 61% of single males, between 18-34, said they don’t have a girlfriend and 50% don’t want one. 
50% of Japanese women born in the 1970’s have no children. 30% of Japanese women 30-34 are now single. Thirty years ago, only 2% of women this age were not married. 
The problem is Asia-wide.  In Bangkok, 27% of women in the 30-34 age group are single. South Koreans complain that women are in a marriage strike. 
Japan is the country where the situation is most dire.The birth rate is 1.39 children per woman.  Japan’s population will keep declining by about one million people every year, which will leave Japan with a population of 87 million in 2060. By that time, more than 40% of the population is expected to be over the age of 65. The economy will implode.


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