Cans of Whoop-Ass Wholesale, by the Light of the Darkling Moon

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Nov 18, 2012

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 Dog Poet Transmitting.
May your noses always be noses.
I love the smell of unbridled hubris, burning in the morning. Bennie- ampheta-mine, Shitwityahoo is all cranked up with somewhere to go. The dark God he works for, is on his back about the blood drinking sands. The entities that live in the sands, are howling for blood and Shitwit hasn’t been producing those quality numbers that the hungry underlings, beneath the dry, ocean bed floor, want more of. ♫I want them all. I want them all. I want them all and I want them now♫ Shitwit is also being pressed, unmercifully by himself. All of his bad qualities are ganging up on him and he’s losing sleep. They be sayin’ “Bennie, Bennie my man! “Let’s getter done” you and me and the redneck, cable guy can put a Wal-Mart worthy ass whip on those people we’re pretending to be. If they ain’t there anymore, we got no competition. You can do it Bennie! Let’s face it, you don’t care how many people you kill. You wanna increase the power? Increase the deaths! You go girl! Bennie! Bennie, what am I, chopped liver? No Bennie, they’re chopped liver! Wait a minute, don’t chop those livers, we need them for our strong-arm, organ donor network”
Bennie’s hearing it from all sides. Ehud Barackandroll, is screaming in his ear. “Ve vant ze body count! Ve want ze body count. Bennie! Call out ze Jets! Wal-Mart can get you economy cans of Whoop-Ass wholesale! Cheaper than stolen! Bennie! This ain’t no gun in my pocket. I really am glad to see you! Bubbie-Bennie, ve got to mow ze lawn. Ver are ze carpet munchers!!! Ver are the carpet munchers! Tel Aviv is gay Paris of the East! Ver are the carpet munchers! Bennie!!! Ve need to mow ze lawn! Ve need to munch ze lawn!”
Then there’s the 94% that supported the last little genocidal excursion. They were con-greeeeeeegating on the hills over the massacre grounds, drinking their martinis, stirred and shaking, singing Hava la Gila Monster and doing touchdown bumps, with no yellow flags. The only good Palestinian, is a mulched Palestinian. I’m surprised they don’t have mobile, surgical ambulances, accompanying the ground troops and armor, so they can get those organs on the spot. It’s like the Central Banker’s do; profit from every end of the equation. Heck, Rothschild built a lot of the important infrastructure. You know they got a body count investment and they want those high end, Franklin Fund returns. Bring in a Palestinian with organs and you get a free toaster! What! They’re a bank. The organs are really only on loan anyway. Of course, there’s a problem with the return because the principal cannot be reached but hey! It’s all good.
What do you know? “Report this petition as inappropriate” is back up on the website. Yes, it’s already up at the top of the page, courtesy of Sim (Shady) but you can’t say it too much. It’s like “Ve need to mow the lawn”! It’s like this little puppy here (good doggie). You can’t say it too much. “Ve need to mow ze lawn”! Ver are ze carpet munchers! Vas is dis, Astro-turf? Mow it anyway”! Just goes to show you need to be hands on proficient. You don’t know that, with all this climate change and weird, inexplicable things, that that Astro-turf won’t grow some night under the dark of the moon, It’s always dark of the moon there. Uh, what moon? Warren Moon?
Let’s be honest with ourselves. Not many other people can manage it. They like doing this shit. It gets them off. I know you’re thinking, “How can that be possible? That is some sick shit”!. I agree but sick shit is a growth industry. Like cancer. Damn! Cancer is a double-entendre, growth industry. Yes, they like what they do. They are champing at the bit to do it. They green-light shooting 10 year old girls, on their way home from school and then confirm the kill, with a few more rounds, up close and personal. Then they get acquitted by their own courts. They blow away 14 year old girls, hanging their laundry on a rooftop. All this is just for sport and resultant from the boredom of the day to day, along with inbred spite and basic meanspiritedness. They can’t get no action. They have to go out into the hinterlands and launch rockets against themselves, just to provide some motivation. The land is calling too. Some stolen land, always wants more stolen land. Land for a people who aren’t people, from a people who owned the land and then got evicted evicted from it.
It’s not every nation that can call themselves an aggregate of true, butt-hole surfers. They’re the ass-raping bandits of the apocalypse (shame I can’t use that as a title, too provocative. Do I look fat in this negligee? Course, when I add a skateboard, it makes all the difference.)
I got to give these guys recognition. They are not getting their due. You got to give The Devil his due, especially when it really is The Devil. I mean, like father like son right? Do you think maybe I’m exaggerating this whole thing? I know for sure that I am not but it’s all a matter of opinion and degrees of being informed. Some people don’t want to be informed because it puts a certain responsibility on them and most people don’t want that particular brand of responsibility but I can see people are waking up. They’re getting outraged all over the planet and, of course, this outrages Shitwit. That Anti-Semite thing just isn’t working any more. I consider it a badge of honor. Not because they are Semites. They are not. It’s simply a matter of the term. People should be able to say, “You know what? You are absolutely right and thank you for saying it. I was hoping you would. The truth is Anti-Semitic. You went ahead and made my day and I’m not even Clint Eastwood but then… neither is he so, whatevah”…
Meanwhile, Ariel Sharon is still in a coma. The beached whale, sleeps in situ, beneath the blood stained sands, esoterically speaking. He’s not around and there’s some kind of Karma working out there. All his compatriots are in a moral coma. Whatever happened to Unzipit Livi? She was a hoot, a real budding Madeleine Albright. When Madeleine found out she was a Tribe member (who knew?), the first thought that moved from her cottage cheese ass, to her reptile brain, was, “so that’s why I said that thing about those half a million Iraqi children. Who knew”? In his gut bustingly funny book, called “Filth”, Irvine Welsh has the main character, often referring to doing a Judy Dench in his pants. It’s a flatulence reference. I call it a Madeleine Albright. Great minds tend to think along similar lines. Madeleine’s an interesting ‘specimen’ (why she’s in the Petri Dish), also a bit of a junkie. She has Iraqi children ground up and then puts them in a hydrolator, till they’re crystalline and crunchy and then she chops them up into lines and snorts them. She snorts so much of them that she’s got a deviated septum but that ain’t her only deviation. I want to see that Madeleine Albright and Donald Rumsfeld sex tape. Twisted, Moi? Get outta here.
Yeah, I know you wish Patrick would do a rendo of this posting but that’s in the ethers and, what do you know? So am I? Kidding! I just wanted to give an acknowledgment for all of his hard work and outstanding courage as Snordelhans. He rocks. I wish more people rocked. Then we could rock the house. We could be ‘in the house’! We could have it ‘going on’. Yeah we could, if only we would. Don’t let me be The Lone Ranger out here.
Shitwit and Barackandroll, need a Red Cross truck on permanent standby. They need the blood. Won’t you donate a little of your classic indifference today? Make a difference with your indifference! You know you don’t care either way so… go for it or, whatevah!
We want credit, where credit is due, even if it’s bad credit, something banker’s don’t usually like but they make up as the rules as they go. Rules wouldn’t be of much use to them, unless they could make and break them with impunity, whenever they wanted to. It’s like controlling the money supply. When you control the money supply, you can buy up all the necessary industries, like the media and entertainment complex. You can’t get effective, full-bore propaganda, for the proper cooked gooses, unless you own the propaganda mediums, so that was Job One; take over the media and entertainment complex and then put the arm of the Departments of State and Defense. Oh yeah, buy off or blackmail both houses of Congress . Make sure you always have a cyborg punk, like Rahm ’em Emanuel in the Executive branch, doing a Grima Wormtongue in the Chief of Staff’s ear. When he pisses in the Chief of Staff’s ear, the Chief of Staff says, “I think it’s raining”. Then it’s off to the most corrupt, political city in the world, cause, You da man! You da man! You definitely are something though, giving a human equivalent might be a bit of a stretch, if I were prone to understatement.
Put nothing past these blood-stained clowns and you won’t be disappointed. Of course you’ll be disappointed but you won’t be surprised. Now is the time of summing up and the sum of it is the whole of it, on it’s way out the door and we won’t see it no more.
Okay, my friends, along with the sullen, accidental showups. ♫It’s time for my boot-heels to be rambling♫ Radio show up next, he said ,hopefully.
End Transmission……. 


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