Easy Women = Male Arrested Development

By Margaret Wente  – from the Globe and Mail, Nov. 10   (Abridge & Edited by Henrymakow.com)

Crooners Jan and Dean would be right at home on campuses today. “Two girls for every boy!” 
For guys, life is a paradise of sexual opportunity. For women, it’s a wasteland. The old-fashioned custom known as “dating” (as in: guy calls up girl and asks her out next Friday, takes her to a movie and a meal, picks up the cheque, takes her home, kisses her goodnight and, if he’s lucky, gets to third base) is something their grandparents did. Today, people just hook up.
What explains the campus hookup culture?
One widely overlooked factor is the scarcity of men. As buyers in a buyers’ market, they’re on the right side of supply and demand. The price they have to pay for sex – in terms of commitment, time and money – is at a record low. 
Plus, women are more inclined than ever to say yes.
 “Today’s young man faces a sex life that probably would have exceeded the most optimistic imagination of most men throughout history,” Roy Baumeister says in his book Is There Anything Good About Men?
Dr. Baumeister, a social psychologist, says our unequal desire for sex means that, men are the buyers and women are the sellers. 
Until recently, the price was steep, up to and including a wedding ring and a promise of lifetime commitment.
In my parents’ generation, the only way for a 22-year-old guy to have a lot of sex was to get married. Today, plenty of 22-year-olds can get all the sex they want for the cost of a pack of condoms.
Dr. Baumeister argues that, throughout history, it was to women’s advantage to keep the supply of sex restricted. “Sex was the main thing they had to offer men in order to get a piece of society’s wealth, and so they restricted sexual access as much as they could, to maintain a high price,” he says in his essay Sexual Economics, Culture, Men and Modern Sexual Trends (with Kathleen Vohs). 
But as women began to gain power and opportunity, that began to change. Women can now get wealth on their own. And life for everyone is a lot more fun, because it turns out that, wherever women have more autonomy, people have more sex.



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