Sandblasting the Dancing Wraiths of Temporary Darkness

Visible Origami – Nov 16, 2012

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Lately it has been coming into my mind, on a regular basis, that one of our premier, collective difficulties, has to do with the appearance of things. I’ve mentioned this more than a time or two, over recent months. It used to be that The Wide Ass Media, told us most of what we came to believe as true, if we weren’t looking any deeper …and most of us weren’t. In former times, there were still some columnists and writers, who retained a small amount of integrity and would sometimes let the truth out for a short walk off an even shorter pier. CNN came along and gave some amount of credible journalism, until the Zio-Ogre ripped it out of Ted Turner’s hands, in one of those corporate bloodbaths and turned it into a novelty, toilet paper machine, with the fecal matter already imbedded in it… you didn’t even need to wipe, just toss it into the can and flush.
Before the internet, there was just The Wide Ass Media, word of mouth and those few writers who somehow managed to slip through the ocean strangling, Zio-filament nets. LSD and the transformation of consciousness, provided an earlier awakening, before the internet came around and there were those couple decades of dark, material efflorescence, in between the acid and the internet. Reagan, Thatcher and a host of bad actors, joined in with the 80’s Wall Street, crocodile swine mentality and the cocaine and pricy wines just flowed and flowed; I’m presuming a whole lot of ‘in and out’ went on as well.
All that child abuse and brutal murder abroad, was just going on and going on …and, going on. I got nothing to say about the ’90’s cause people disagree with me about the state of the culture but I don’t. The less said the better. Then we got the internet and everything has been changing since then; simultaneously for the worse and for the better.
Prior to this, we were already living in a world of media saturation, flashing billboards, LED sneakers and neon under-lights for Honda Civics and Accords. Violent, jackhammer thunder-fucking, olfactory abuse, was pumping out of those Voice of the Theater, car speakers, as morons rode that blind highway to nowhere and worse. The culture had already been fragmenting into hundreds of splinter groups, seeking some kind of temporary community among kindred souls. That included before and after moments, concerned with the hereafter. (As either Cheech Marin, or Tommy Chong said; “I used to be all fucked up on drugs, now I’m all fucked up on God*) The People’s Temple and Heaven’s Gate. The cult of the corporate mercenaries, was gestating, as the pornographic rich, worked to get themselves into place for the planetary, cold-pressing into servitude and a, perpetual victim engineered, kill-off. It’s either a screen pass or a play action fake.
The Internet blew into town and changed the whole game board. It sucked in the rich and the poor. The people with too much, saw plenty of opportunity to acquire more and the disenfranchised finally had a forum to be heard on. The enemies of humanity got exposed and we know all about Central Bankers now and who controls the currency printing presses. We know what happened in 1913. We know about the Rothschilds, the Warburgs and the Schiffs. We know who funded Hitler, who Stalin worked for and all kinds of things we can’t talk about but… we know. Mr. Apocalypse showed up and starting flushing naked shit-golems from the underbrush.
The internet is a good thing but it’s also a matter of too much information. There’s just so much information to process and a lot of it is wrong; intentionally wrong because the same killer clown, cartoon thugs that had been running the previous media scams, jumped up on the internet, like it was some kind of trampoline and started telling lies out of both sides of their mouths 24/7. All of this was about being able to continue their relentless, disinformation push, whose intent was ever greater and greater profit margins, as well as the continuance of a terrible agenda that had world enslavement in it’s windshield but… that wasn’t all. Many horrible things came dancing like wraiths out of the fog machines of Armageddon Central.
9/11 got done by the people who reported on it so… with both the official media and the political puppets in their pockets, they’ve gotten away with it so far, including all those Central Banker Wars that have killed and displaced millions. Our petition to bring this hideous act to light, now has 317 signatures and the red lettered tag that gave you the opportunity to report it for abuse, which was there all day yesterday, is now gone. WTF? All that’s left now are buttons to promote it. It makes you wonder.
We are all being affected by information overload and it has made our impressions of our world, far more grim and difficult than it may actually be. Then again… what do I know? The appearances of things is causing a world wide, collective depression. They are creating legions of hand wringers and negativists. It has unleashed armies of dutiful drones, who do everything they can do (they’re on a payroll), to bring us down. The corporations are completely out of control. Proposition 37 was hijacked by massive polling and voting irregularities. But what is this I see? People are now regulating supermarket products on their own. All over the world, under the radar of the fecalist, crass media, people are working as they are inspired to and come together and fight the machine. Big Brother is building panic boxes and dreaming of massive reductions in population. On the one hand it looks pretty dark. On the other hand it’s hopeful, when you even hear about it. I’m hopeful.
I want to tell the reader and hope the reader will tell those that the reader encounters, that all is not lost and that the way things might look, they are not actually like that. They are only being made to appear that way. Mr. Apocalypse is laying it on with a will and he hasn’t even warmed up yet. Mr. Apocalypse has got your back, if you got no problem being up front. The truth is always more powerful than any lie. I know that injustice has stomped on this planet for many a year and that many of us have been salted away in the darkness for longer periods of time; this serving as a warning to those others who might feel inclined, out of some shred of human decency, to do the right thing but… truth is inexorable and will out. It will come and not all the lies and armies of darkness around the world can prevent it. It is a new day and the cosmic imperative, toward irrevocable and irreversible cosmic change, will not be hindered or denied.
Some amount of vampire lizards have been kept alive, in order to see this day. As the fiends from the inner planes, are pushed out into the physical realm, where they take up residence in stolen bodies, the Elves of Mr. Apocalypse, are on the loose, lighting them up for The Punisher. Appearances make us doubt this inevitable denouement but it is coming none the less. You have to have certitude in your hearts and minds. You have to believe. Collective belief, for good or ill, is one of the most powerful things on this Earth. This is why those organized forces, that work to our detriment and for their own profit, are so obsessed with dividing us against each other. They know the power of a unified public front. This is why they were so brutal about the levitation of The Pentagon. They know what can happen in these circumstances. This is why they have set out to destroy the economic system and destroy the job market, as well as throw people out of their homes. Keeping you in distress and off balance is the whole intent. This is why they launched a treasonous assault on American soil. The Zionist Israeli overlords, their catamite intelligence services and bought or compromised politicians knew that Mr. Apocalypse was coming, so they blew up all kinds of offices, filled with files and records in New York and then went and did the same thing in Virginia and you may be sure that they had special teams on hand, to make sure nothing was left. I still wonder about all that gold as well. I definitely wonder what is going to happen with Germany’s gold and where that is going to lead. Germany has a history, when being fucked with (simplistic, I know; back off fang!).
I’d like to point out something I have discovered in the last decade. I’ve never come across more honest people than the Germans. You can leave your wallet in a phone booth or bar and get it back with the money in it. Of course, there is no 100% guarantee about any of that but I’ve seen example after example. They might be suspicious, or like the Bavarians (who might not be German-grin… a little humor), ‘grantig’ but the honesty is pretty remarkable. They like Americans but they think they could do with a little reserve, and some restraint on that boundless optimism. Given what they’re experienced, I can understand. You can’t leave your wallet anywhere, in any number of other places and then again, sometimes you can. You shouldn’t be leaving your wallet in any case. Pay attention. That’s also what I mean about appearances. Pay attention. Things are not what they seem and the whole thing actually is under control. There are variables in this dynamic; such as personal will, in opposition to what is best for one, as well as collective delusion, giving impetus to things that might not and should not happen but do happen and- then again- sometimes don’t happen.
Recognize that there is this blanketing force of negative appearances, that swims in cold and hot currents, around the world. Yeah, hot and cold can be both good and bad depending. Thimk! The key tactic of the enemy, is to get you to believe what is not real. If you think something is so, it can be a significant motivator to act, or not act, to move or not move, to stand down, or to stand up …and it’s been going on apace. It’s all a bunch of bullshit and has only the power given to it, to perform it’s purpose of demonstration. Mr. Apocalypse is also attended by an army of really good electricians, who know all about routing power.
*Mr. Visible answers to both of those descriptions.
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