Green Zone Follies January 25, 2007

“We have been undergoing a mortar attack. I know there are rah-rah morons stateside that hate this kind of news because they, in their retarded way, think their military, president and workers can do no wrong. We have these creeps here, mostly neatly dressed droolers from the Pentagon’s PR branch who hear no evil, see no evil and print trash designed for Mom and Dad at home to comfort them. Of course their beloved son just lost one leg, both of his testicles and one eye due to a rocket attack but at least he is still alive, unlike thousands who are not.

My co-worker, who sends my messages out on the official system late at night when the other knuckle-draggers have gone off shift, was nearly blown to bits two days ago when a heavy mortar shell slammed into a building inside the Green Zone.

The new troops arriving as I speak, are only part of a much larger contingent that Bush is going to shore us up with. A few at first and then sneak in thousands more when no one is looking. That’s his plan and it won’t work but I can imagine the uproar and panic when the Guard and Reservists stateside get their up-coming notices to report for Iraq duty! Bush and Cheney put this off until after the elections, hoping to snow everyone as they usually do.

I will be amazed if the U.S. covers this latest attack as they totally wiped the really serious Falcon attacks right off the blackboard.

An Israeli light colonel caught a piece of shrapnel in his ass during another mortar attack here and you could hear him screech all the way across the compound. After he recovers, he can go to Gaza and shoot more Arab children to feel better. The IDF has a contingent here and they are all praying, beanies and all, that Bush finally attacks Iran for them. Given the attrition of vehicles, to include helicopters, tanks, light skinned vehicles and APCs and add this to the mutinous attitudes now more and more prevalent in the grunts and now, among many officers, I doubt if we could mount an attack on a mosque full of worshipers. Which has happened but we blamed the Sunnis for it!

The local partisans are using small, shaped-charge rockets on Humvees, tanks and other vehicles that move on the local roads and with terrible effect. The warhead burns through any armor and blasts off inside, turning the crew into ragged cat meat. It was one thing when they used cell-phone activated roadside bombs but now we are suffering the same kind of attacks our Really Stupid CIA encouraged their friends, the Taliban, to perform on the Russians in Afghanistan.

And to all of your viewers who send me greetings via your website, sorry but I can’t answer. They watch for things like that. But thanks anyway.”