“Imperfect 10″ Women Suffer Pain

by Deb – (henrymakow.com) Nov 15, 2012

I cannot tell you the pain it causes a woman over her lifetime who does not match up to the right side in your “Men – Design Your Perfect 10 Woman.”
I am not unattractive by any means and at 52 years old now…I am still holding my own pretty well as I am a runner, work out, am a strong believer in Christ and I take very good care of myself and those I love but I am not a Victoria Secret model. 
It was my sister  3 years my junior who was born with that blessing/curse. As a young girl I suffered rejection continuously as I was passed over again and again for my sister and all the other girls with “sex appeal.” 
There was one time when a really popular guy at school used to call me. We talked a lot on the phone but he never even noticed me at school. He had a “perfect 10″ as a girlfriend. 
I met a guy at church and we married but he was not sexually attracted to me. 
We talked and laughed for hours and he became attracted to me as a person and because we had become intimate to a degree, he felt he should marry me because “it was the right thing” given the things we had done…but once marriage and children set in…it was obvious he was not attracted to me. We had very little sex.
After all…I was not a perfect 10 and he was 21…so even though I loved sex as a young woman (and still do I can count on one hand how many times I told him no in our 30+ years of marriage…)  I was denied my desires
because he was filling his with a magazine, image from someone on the street or our friends from church that were a “perfect 10.”  
Now he is 52 and doesn’t have as much desire anymore and I am beginning to fear my sex life is almost over. And that pains me because I feel I was not able to live totally as a woman because I was denied when I was young and now denied as I am getting old. 


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