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Lord McAlpine and the Paedophile Ring

First Posted Here Nov 15, 2012 — Updated Nov 24, 2014

Angus James – From the original Scallywag Magazine in the 1990s

Lord McAlpine has described allegations that he sexually abused young boys at a North Wales children’s home as “wholly false and seriously defamatory.
While Steve Messham, a former resident of the care home, says he had mistakenly” identified Lord McAlpine as an abuser of boys at the home.
As the following article reveals however, Messham had already been beaten up twice during the 1990s to keep him quiet about the sexual abuse of youngsters. Had he been threatened with more if he didn’t retract his most recent allegations about McAlpine?
The Scallywag article reveals a real can of worms and raises more serious questions about Lord McAlpine’s activities and those of his associates. Such as Derek Laud (above), a long-time family friend of the Camerons and a guest at their wedding, who is also named in the following article.
Laud was the first black member of the Conservative Monday Club in the early 1980s and the first black Master of Foxhounds in Britain. Like Lord McAlpine he is surrounded by all the trappings of the British establishment but like McAlpine he’s also been named as a serious abuser of young boys.
McAlpine and quoteThe late Lord McAlpine was repeatedly linked with allegations of child abuse involving British politicians. Although never conclusively proven and despite his winning damages from the media involved for publicising the claims, which were allegedly based on a case of “mistaken identity“, doubts remain.
The ongoing Westminster paedophile scandal are the latest of these unsavoury goings-on to see the light of day. Like the earlier claims about Jimmy Savile’s activities, these claims were initially met with adamant denials.
Nonetheless they have continued and they are gradually gaining credence, as this scandal reaches right to the very core of the British establishment and exposes its rotten, black heart.
The photocopies below from an  out-0t-print article cite Lord McAlpine in the abuse of young boys at care homes. They also reveal police complicity in hiding the findings of the original investigation and mark the start of an ongoing saga of depravity. The following files, which can be greatly enlarged for reading, chart where it all began.

McAlpine 1. Click to enlarge

McAlpine 2. Click to enlarge

McAlpine 3. Click to enlarge

McAlpine 4. Click to enlarge


Also see the recent article that rekindled the controversy over the abuse of youngsters at care homes:
Alleged ‘leading Tory from Thatcher years was part of paedophile ring who raped boys at Welsh children’s home’