Mr Apocalypse is not Looking for a Little Head

Smoking Mirrors – Nov 14, 2012

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Michael Rivero had a link up yesterday for a petition that should be signed by any right thinking person. As I was signing it, a light bulb lit up over my head and I thought, “Ummmm Hummmm, let’s see if I can do this. I could. It turns out that all you need is 25,000 signatures and The White House has to respond. Ergo, Starfleet Commander Visible has posted a petition at and he is asking you to sign this important document, whose time has most definitely come. I almost did when the thought entered my head. This is the kind of proactive citizen involvement that we need. I didn’t realize until I had finished writing it that I only got so many characters. I might have phrased it a little differently but… it’s what it is. Hopefully the readers will make this thing go viral. If you know anyone who has traffic and might post something like this, please send it to them. Maybe you know somebody who can give this thing legs; what the heck, arms too and a head up top, so it can stand by the side of the road on Route 66 and jump up and down and wave it’s hands. I’d like to see that. I think you would too.
I don’t think there is any doubt that Mr. Apocalypse is the hardest working man in show business. He’s sort of a combination between Fred Astaire, Michael Jackson and James Brown. Get down with your bad self! Better yet, get down on all the other bad, self absorbed selfs. Things keep getting revealed that were formerly concealed and the pressures are on all over the place and directly leading into certain inevitabilities. You can get a sense of where things are heading by watching the coming attractions. The future advertises itself, if you’re paying attention. Otherwise, it smacks you in the back of the head, to let you know it’s in town. After all, the future has to do with you, one way or another, so does the present and the past. People tend to live more in one of them than the other, which is unfortunate because only one of them is actually here. It’s easy to get confused about that though because there’s so much evidence of behind and ahead. There’s no future in either though, without the affirming resonance of the present.
Now, one of the reasons that Mr. Apocalypse is like Michael Jackson is that he moonwalks. Even if there is no moon, as my good friend Michael attests, that doesn’t stop Mr. Apocalypse. Mr. Apocalypse moonwalks into the past. That’s how you do it. That’s the only way to effectively get into the past and see exactly what happened and what didn’t happen. As far as what happened, you can see that cause it’s right there. As for what didn’t happen you can see that because it isn’t there. So Mr. Apocalypse taps the things that happened with his walking stick and he also taps the things that didn’t happen with his walking stick and both of them light up with whatever the truth about them may be. Mr. Apocalypse is going to tap every one of us on the shoulder and light us up too, and reveal whatever the truth about us might be. That can be a very good thing or a very bad thing, or it could be a mixed bag, like one of those Planter’s nut samplers, or maybe even one of those Walt Whitman samplers that’s got all kinds of wilderness and dead leaves in among the chocolates. You can learn a lot from dead leaves. You can also learn a lot from dead people. Like it says in the pathology department, “Here the dead teach the living”.
People might tell you that all murder is bad but that’s not true nor comprehensive. There are things inside of each of us that need to be killed and knowing what to kill and what to nourish, can go a long way toward putting you on friendly terms with Mr. Apocalypse. That’s something you want, something highly desirable, though some of us might be unaware of it. Some people might think you can get on good terms with Mr. Apocalypse by offering him a blow job but they would be misinformed. No blow-jobs for Mr. Apocalypse. Mr Apocalypse has got a significant other for that kind of thing. If you come around talking to Mr. Apocalypse about a little head, he might well shrink yours.
Generally Mr. Apocalypse does not walk around with a smile on his face. This is because of the things Mr. Apocalypse sees every day. These things tend to put Mr. Apocalypse in a grim frame of mind. If you had to see the kinds of things he runs across every day, then you would be in a grim frame of mind as well, maybe. It depends on your sense of humor. Seen from a certain perspective many of these things can seem comical. Mr. Apocalypse is less likely to be amused because he is required to act on these things. We generally are not. This does not mean that Mr. Apocalypse has no sense of humor, quite the contrary. You will find that he has a rich sense of humor that is pregnant with irony, to which he gives birth, out of a hole in the top of his head.
Mr Apocalypse is not like us. Heck, most of us are not like us. We just play a role in the movie of life. The thing with roles is that they automatically result in specific destinies. Mr. Apocalypse has got something to do with all of that. He knows what every role is likely to result in. Many of us do not. That can be unfortunate. Mr. Apocalypse has a particular kind of awareness. He sees things as they really are. That can be dramatically different than how most people see them. This can also be unfortunate. We need to borrow Mr. Apocalypse’s sunglasses cause when you have those on, the sunlight impacts on everything in the environment and lights it up as it really is. You really want a pair of those sunglasses. They’re like the ones in the movie, They Live. The remake of that should be out soon and it is probably going to be well worth seeing, because Roddy Piper won’t be in it, I hope. Now some of you might be fans of Roddy’s acting chops. I am not. I believe he is not a Stanislavski graduate. Not that I have any interest in Stanislavski because I am not a method actor myself. I am a actor though. We all are.
This world needs to change and it is going to change. There’s no two, or even three, or four ways about it. There are a lot of reasons why this world needs to change. One of the reasons is that it can’t keep on going the way it is. It just can’t. I’ll tell you why I want it to change. I have several reasons but one of them might not occur to most people as a deep and compelling reason. For me it is. It’s about the death of manners. The disappearance of courtesy and simple spacial awareness gives me a heavy heart. I miss the presence of manners in a way that impacts on my life very significantly, more so than I would ever have imagined. I see them missing on the highway. I see them gone in the supermarkets. I see them absent on the sidewalk. I miss them terribly. Manners makes life something very different from what it is these days. I try to employ manners wherever I go but I am not 100% successful because there is such an absence of manners. I was in a pub briefly on the night I returned from the UK. It had been a high wire trip and I wanted a few beers to decompress with. They were just the ticket too. There were a bunch of locals at a table behind me and the venom coming off of one of them, literally turned me around to confront him. He was glaring at me. I looked right into his eyes, searching for the meaning. I did not find it.
I am often surprised at how many people know who I am. I am connected to one of the old families around here and who, in times past, had an impact on the town because they owned a large nursery and attended to the gardening needs of the whole area. We live next door to the richest man in town because he was close friends with the former man of this house who is no longer around. He’s an interesting fellow. It’s not that big a house and he is worth millions. He has a roofing concern and also builds houses. He owns 20 or 30 houses in this town and rents them out. He’s quite elderly now and quite a horn-dog still, which I find amusing. He has manners, with the possible exception of when the horn-dog is on the prowl. Older people have good manners much of the time, younger people do not but I certainly notice when people have manners. It makes them stand out. They are generally accompanied by a positive mien and a willingness to see the good in others, even the ability to see others and to recognize them as members of the human race.
As I said, I’m well known here by my associations but… on the other hand, I am unknown and considered strange. There is a large Christian missionary operation here. They send people off to mess with the heathens in Africa. They got a lot of money and they run a school for Americans in Europe and people send their kids there from all over. Somehow they know about me but I don’t know how really. Once I was in the town square and they had opened, that very evening, a little coffee shop and they were inviting people to come in. I was standing there with Susanne. It was a warm summer night and we were out for a walk. One of the men operating this coffee-shop, slash, eatery came over to me with a smile on his face and invited me to come inside. Another man spotted him talking to me and he hurriedly came over and drew the man aside. I don’t know what he said to him but that was the end of our conversation and, I suspect the end of the invitation as well. Several times I have had conversations with people from this group, in supermarkets mostly and they are quite friendly and want to know what I do. I tell them I am a writer and a recording artist, which probably is an inflation of what I actually am and they talk about getting in touch but they most definitely do not. Yes, some kind of word is out about me but I haven’t done anything I know of, except play in a particular club on occasion and sometimes have a beer or two somewhere with a friend. People give me odd looks all the time. I guess I’m strange. Maybe it’s the manners, or the lack of them somewhere else.
I hope Mr. Apocalypse brings manners back, along with gratitude and a certain awareness in people concerning their dignity. I surely would like to see that. I have some friends of Indian extraction, from India, directly or by ancestry and I love being around them. They have manners and it makes Love and understanding possible. A heart absent of love has no real reason for beating.
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My apologies for this post being rather disjointed. I was trying to say something and never quite got there. 


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