Social Engineering Tied to Sports

by GB – ( Nov 12, 2012

Common sense and masculine self respect are not dead!
In a recent game between the Venezuelan soccer sides Deportivo Tachira and Atletico Venezuela, Tachira fans actually invaded the pitch and refused to leave, until their team returned to their traditional black and yellow kits, instead of the offensive pink kits, they had been forced to wear.
The game had to be abandoned as Tachira fans refused to budge. Good on them! The men that invaded that pitch deserve our admiration, for standing up for their own rights, and for standing up for the sport they love.
The incident received scant press coverage in the US or the UK, and when it did the rioting fans were framed as being “crazy” etc, rather than courageous and principled, which is what they were.
Unfortunately the slightly more domesticated US and UK sports fans would not have the same passion, guile, and downright cojones to stop a game in the way their South American cousins did.
But with the increasing popularity of sport and with so much money in and around football and soccer, it looks likely that there will be an increase in  social engineering programmes tied to sport.


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