Obama? Yomama!

My name is Edgar J. Steele. This is a Nickel Rant.

Obama? Obama who? What’s an Obama?

Reasonable questions, all. Pay attention now, because these are the exact, same questions as:

“George? George who? His daddy was who?”

Or: “Clinton? Who the hell is Bill Clinton?”

Come on – surely you remember that George W. Bush appeared quite suddenly from out of nowhere, with everybody in the media conceding him the inside track to the Republican nomination for President, opposing Al Gore?

All at once, George W. Bush had the biggest campaign war chest in history and was touted as likely to oust the Democrats and restore Republican rule. When I heard that, my question – almost rhetorically – was, “George who?

Same thing for Bill Clinton, excepting only the war chest – he’s a Democrat, after all.

What’s an Obama?

From where in the world do you suppose these guys suddenly appear? When his name first came up recently, I said, “i<>Obama? What’s an Obama?”

Do you see a pattern emerging?

Then I learned that Obama is Black – well, at least, he looks a little Black … unless your reception is fuzzy, then he looks and sounds like yet another dyed-in-the-wool Communist yuppie liberal.

Obama? Yomama!

Now, upon reflection, I find myself saying, “Obama? Yomama!”

Or, as we used to say back on the island: “Neva’ hachee, tomadachee!” Yeah, that’s a reach, but you get the idea. It’s a derogation of the Japanese spoken by the natives of Miyako Jima, the tiny island southwest of Okinawa where the US government sent me to make my stand in defense of The American Way and against the Communist hordes during the Viet Nam war.

To quote Richard Nixon’s defense of the American buildup in Viet Nam: “We’re fighting them there, so we don’t have to fight them here!” My personal favorite aphorism from the Nixon era: “If we allow North Viet Nam to overrun South Viet Nam, then the Communists will overrun all of Asia and then Europe before we have to fight them right here in America.”

Good thing we won that war, else we’d be speaking Vietnamese in Los Angeles today. Oh…that’s right – we lost that war, didn’t we? And we are speaking Vietnamese in Los Angeles today. Those of us who don’t speak Mestizo or Gangbonics, that is.

Sticks and Stones

Well, no matter. This time, it really is true, they tell us: “If we let the Muslims win in Iraq,” – or Afghanistan, or Iran, or whatever pile of Middle-Eastern rubble it is that we happen to be bombing back into the Stone Age this week – “Islam will take over the entire Middle East, then the Asian subcontinent, then Europe.”

Before you know it, we’ll be going hand to hand with ragheads in the streets of Boise. Good thing we’re winning in Iraq today!

What’s that? You say we’re not winning the war in Iraq? Didn’t Bush himself proclaim, after jetting onto that aircraft carrier, resplendent in his crisp little olive-drab flight suit, upon clambering down from the cockpit and strutting across the flight deck: “Mission Accomplished?” That was how many thousands of American servicemen lives ago?

Incidentally, do you suppose George was the guy handling the stick during that landing? No, the airplane stick – get your mind out of the gutter. That’s what he does in the Oval Office, after all.

Why, He’s a Muslim!

Lessee now – where was I? Oh, yes – Obama.

“Why, he’s a Muslim!” screams Jewish avenger Michael Wiener, claiming that Obama was a card-carrying Islamist as a youth because of a school he once attended.

Incidentally, did you know that Wiener has his voice reprocessed for his daily syndicated radio show, to deepen it and remove much of that characteristic Jewish whine? What’s that? Who? Oh. You probably know him by his stage name, which also is reprocessed to remove the characteristic Jewish whine: Michael Savage.

Y’know, since all these media Jews change their names so as to hide their Jewishness from us, obviously they don’t want us to know they really are Jews. In other words, they clearly agree with those of us who warn you about them. But that’s a rant for another day.

Is There a Fine for Allitering?

Obama. That’s today’s topic. Obama. Yomama. Has a nice, synchronistic ring to it, doncha think – what is it they call it in poetry – alliteration? Is there a fine for alliterating, do you suppose?

Somebody must figure that Americans will vote for a Black guy, because Obama seems to be getting the same runup that I saw accorded both of our last two Presidents. Not that it matters, since it has been proven unnecessary for us to bother driving to the polls anymore – after all, they prevote for us. How modern. How….American.

Here’s the point of today’s rant: In the darkness of American polling booths, a Black stands little chance of having his levers pulled by White America. Even a Black man who just might be fairer to White America than the despicable White and Jewish scum disgracing White House corridors in recent years.

Would We Call It The Black House?

If Obama were to win, would it become known as the Black HouseYomama!

Except for that prevoting I mentioned, of course.

Now, let’s get really clear why it is that Obama stands no chance. His skin color is the least of it, actually.

A Black President might actually respond to Black pressures, after all. Or, he might prove to have principles and a sense of allegiance to the Constitution, both of which are what removed Colin Powell from Presidential contention previously, you may recall. Many American Blacks who have suffered true discrimination (and the number is infinitely smaller than you have been led to believe) have developed a genuine sense of fairness, even. Can’t have that.

Pliable and Obedient Belly-Crawling Lickspittles

On the other hand, America’s tried-and-true White candidate-selection process yields up pliable and obedient, belly-crawling lickspittles, craven cowards every one, endlessly anxious to do the bidding of Israel and its Jewish masters, who also make up the majority of America’s masters (and the masters of virtually every other Western nation, incidentally).

Are There Black Herrings?

So, you see, Michael Wiener/Savage’s comments – not to mention those of several other carefully-placed media voices attached to names that rhyme – are a red herring. The Chosen aren’t really worried about Obama being a sleeper Muslim, carefully secreted within our midst and programmed to go Islam when he reaches the apparent pinnacle of American power.

Obama isn’t a Muslim, of course. He is a politician, meaning a self-aggrandizing opportunist devoted solely to the greater glory of … himself And a liberal of the first order, meaning a virtual Communist. And (dare I say it?), he is White, or an “Oreo,” as the bruthas would refer to him, meaning Black on the outside and White on the inside.

Problem is, our masters can’t attack Obama for being Black. After all, diversity – meaning just the opposite in modern Newspeak, of course – is the single most effective weapon they have found for prying traditionally-White fingers from the levers of power. Thus the cry, “Why, he’s a Muslim!”

Obviously, the adage that you can’t have your cake and eat it, too, does not originate in things Yiddish.

Hillary…of Course

How else do you suppose the Democrats intend to justify anointing Hillary for 2008?

Obama? Yomama! Go ahead – say it right out loud. You know you want to. It’s fun! Besides, you’ll feel better, believe me. Here, I’ll say it right along with you: Obama? Yomama!

That raises another interesting question: Will men or, for that matter, women, pull a woman’s levers in the darkness of a polling booth? Probably not, which is why money-grubbing, oil-robbing, kid-killing (properly-descriptive words fail me at this point) Republicans will continue in control for the foreseeable future. Assuming there is another American presidential election, that is. Or, assuming there is an America in which to hold such an election. But, those all are rants for other days. So few days, so much to rant about.

My name is Edgar J. Steele. Thanks for listening. Please visit my web site, www.ConspiracyPenPal.com, for other messages just like this one.


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