The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk from Don’t Give a Shit Central

Smoking Mirrors – Nov 11, 2012

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We’ve all seen the little brownnoser chipmunk that could. Some of you have seen the touching photo galleries, with the little brownnosing chipmunk, standing alertly, but not forgetting the genuflecting posture and obligatory lean-ins, while intimately chatting with Dickhead Cheney, Darth Rumsfeld, Little Georgie, Shortpants Bush and assorted vile characters. The little brownnosing chipmunk, is right at home among the nastiest collection of psychopathic Zionista tools that we have seen in many a day. He knows his job is to flash that chipmunk smile and give that perfunctory, bobbing head nod that says, “Yes sir, lie, kill, destroy, wave the flag and see if I can stick my rod into that warm American pie before the canon fodder hits the mess hall.
It was a no brainer that a Peter Principle, Mattel doll general would matriculate beyond his job description, whatever the Hell that actually is, into the soft leather, human skin, executive chair at the CIA. We know that what’s desired is a rubber stamp bozo to carry out any and all actions, no matter what they are, against anyone that the Zio-Ogre, Stool Sculpture deity, Crime Family wants hammered, specially renditioned, tortured, decapitated, or generally disappeared in any number of awful ways, as a lesson and example to all those nations accused of doing what was actually accomplished by the people that The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk works for. There are a lot of departments and agencies, at Don’t Give a Shit Central. Havoc has been cavorting around the globe for many a year at the whim of those who don’t give a shit and what are you going to do about it?
I think a lot of what is going to come up on The Table of Tomorrow, is going to be somehow hooked in to the missing German gold and other missing gold; never underestimate the potential for greed in a banker. There comes a time when the epidemic crime game simply goes too far and something has to be done, because finally the situation has come about that no one can live with, except for a small handful of black hole entities, walking around with nothing but a toxic emptiness, where their soul might once have lived, but no trained and titled academician, no armchair metaphysician and no theoretical mathematician, can compute or show exactly when that went missing. Maybe it was never there. Maybe these creatures just climbed out of a pit on the day the world went wrong and never looked back. What do I know? I only see what I’m shown.
Dark, dreadful, disgusting and depraved, they walk among us. They are replicants that mimic the human condition but their actions show there is nothing human about them. They’ve lived in a fabricated zone of exceptionalism and self conferred superiority. They claim they are special. They say God said they were. One thing we know by now is that God; whoever and whatever that might be, never said that. The guy from the bad place, pretending to be God, is the one who said that. You can identify anyone by what they do. All the arguments and rationalizations, about why they had to do whatever they did, are meaningless chatter worthy of a chipmunk, sitting on a dead log in a woodland filled with weasels.
The world and all the bad cultural experiments of the moment are in terminal free fall. It’s cosmic crash and burn time. The official program of the movers and shakers, is being laid out for everyone to see; not that most people want to see anything, besides a bucket of chicken wings on the coffee table, during those marathon, TV watching eatathons. Seeing comes with implicit responsibility. Therefore, not many people want to see because they might have to do something about it. What Political Correctness has given us is a deep uncertainty about what is right and wrong. No one with anything invested in this bad fairy tale, virtual reality culture, wants to be painted as intolerant, or engaged in a suppression of rights that have been officially translated, from previous wrongs, but are now a part of the whole spectrum of what’s allowed and the point and purpose, is to allow pretty much anything and vigorously pursue any fool, of any age, who has some kind of personal objection to any of it. I can hear the hand on the flushing mechanism of the cosmic toilet, jingling the handle. People are having a high old time down in the bowl. They’re racing around on Jetskis and laying out on plastic rafts with a cold one. Collectively they have mistaken the florescent light in the bathroom for The Sun, the same way they have mistaken false hierarchies, for real hierarchies and the endlessly revised scriptures, for the timeless and vibrating internal word. In their world, Jesus Christ wears a t-shirt with some kind advertising on it, like “don’t get crucified by the competition, buy a Nokia smart phone”. Of course, a phone is only as smart as the person using it but don’t get me started on what happens when technology continues to advance and the moral capacity of the user does not.
Yeah, yeah, Visible, I’ve heard all of this before. That’s right and you’ll hear again. All these entries are not specifically for the days on which they appear. If you’ve got all kinds of enemy submarines, cruising around in waters, where they don’t belong, you need to keep dropping depth charges, until the contents begin to float on the surface and give evidence of some kind of victory because victory is imperative. Things cannot continue to go from one depravity to ever greater depravities. The time is long past when there remains any question as to what these creatures are up to. Their stale excuses and hand wringing, victim games are not playing in Dubuque anymore. The recent electoral joke in that travesty of a democratic nation (which is actually a republic), has put paid to the general enthusiasm for being relentlessly lied to.
I suppose we all know that whatever this thing is with The Little Brownnosing Chipmunk, is not what it is made out to be because none of this shit is anymore. It’s like that false cover of a sexual offense, for Julian Assange, where this Warhol double brings to the intelligence community the same thing that Warhol brought to the art world. I still get people defending him and sometimes only because he is Australian, like maybe he’s some kind of soccer player. What he is is a disinfo shill and anyone who hasn’t tumbled to that yet just doesn’t want too. It’s as if celebrity now confers an automatic suspension of right and wrong, because celebrity grants a pass from the ordinary judgments that attend ordinary people. Rob a liquor store and get 20 years. Rob ten thousand people for a collective 20,000,000 dollars and don’t go to jail at all. Be a TV celebrity and molest hundreds of children and they will wait until you are dead to say anything about it. Be nineteen and have sex with a 16 year old girl and get 20 years. The double standards and hypocrisy suck all the oxygen out of the room.
All over the planet there are little brownnosing chipmunks and Assanges, in all the places where the necessary lies get delivered from. As long as you are inflexibly stupid, the lies will arrive to define your condition. Over and over and over, you’re rolling in shit and thinking it’s clover. The boys in the back, are now planning the schedule, for the new list of outrages that will be the hallmarks of this coming period. That will be set off against the chickens of karmic feedback, returning to their roost; all those ugly actions that have led up to these ugly actions yet to be executed. The karma is now greater than any steps or strategies that can be taken or thought up to avoid it. There’s not a damn thing evil can do to continue to perpetuate. It has reached that stage where it has no choice but to destroy itself and that means all of the practitioners turning on each other; at least that’s what I’ve been told.
The main thing most of us are missing, are the positive aspects, that are rising up in the midst of of all the nasty crap we’ve had to wade through so long. We get fixated on the negative and forget to ♫accent the positive, eliminate the negative and don’t mess with Mr. Inbetween♫ There really is a new world coming. That’s just how it is and how it always has been at the end of any age. Most times that new age is a mixture of good and bad, sometimes it heralds great destruction and the emergence of unique conditions, not previously seen before. It’s good to keep in mind that we are in a time of tremendous and revolutionary inventiveness. We are entering into new frontiers of consciousness, as well as new frontiers of all kinds, due to technological breakthroughs. Those with broken moral compasses, will not be able to find their way to whatever this is going to be. It feels like some number of parallel worlds will all emerge at the same time and your magnetic resonance will determine what world you will find yourself in. There will be portals and gateways, just like there are now for those who can see them. We think because we can’t see something that it’s not there. We have no idea of the power of our imagination and imagination is not simply about imagining, it’s about the ability to see what is there before it arrives, as well as to be able to see what is obscured from the dim site of the mortal eye. Meanwhile, no one has to die, you only have to change. Change is the eternal constant and you die when further change is no longer possible for you. Yeah, metaphysics again but I suggest looking up the meaning of the word. How often do we take our assumed interpretations of a word as the sum total of it? Very often it is not.
None of what I am saying to you is speculative. You can find corroboration all up and down the ages. How many of us have read any amount of the biographies of exceptional people? Those can be a real eyeopener. There is so much we do not know about their lives that add tremendous significance to their accomplishments. Be confident and strive relentlessly. You only fail when you give up, with the exception of that special giving up that you get informed in advance of. Stay frosty.
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Anyone who has been thinking of giving me a couple of hundred thousand dollars, or even helping to make this something we have access to, should get it in gear now; speaking of a community. If you’ve got more money then we should look at this. And Susanne said she wanted me to put this one in too. Sooner or later the cosmos is going to open the floodgates so that we can get down to the business of living well as the best revenge. I’m sure you can all imagine what it would be like to sit down to the dinner table or kick back in the rec room doing whatever but certainly sharing laughter and where the only tears come from laughing too hard. I know you’re out there and I know you have the money so, I’m putting it out there. Of course, that means you would get to live there too. Heck, if someone even had a significant deposit I’m sure we could wing it. I know all kinds of ways to make money, given the personnel and I can just imagine what the rest of you are capable of; keeping in mind that none of us are lazy and are simply thrilled to be passionately engaged in making things happen- nothing like it for those with the natural enthusiasm for whipping around in full engagement and who get the power, poetry and joy of communal efforts for all the right reasons. How fine it is to be on a working team!
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