Israel Occupation Authority Digging Secret Tunnel Under the Aqsa Mosque

Officials in the Aqsa foundation that caters for Muslim holy shrines in occupied Palestine have unveiled that the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) was secretly digging a tunnel under the Aqsa Mosque that jeopardizes its foundations.

Director of the foundation Farid Al-Haj Yahya affirmed that his institution possesses audiovisual evidence to substantiate the charges, and that it will distribute this evidence to the media in a press conference it will hold in the coming days.

He, furthermore, charged that the Israeli occupation government was aware of those construction works and supported them, adding that Israeli brokers succeeded in convincing a Palestinian Jerusalemite into selling them his small store in Al-Wad street for 60,000 dollars, which is very close to the Mosque.

From that store, Yahya added, digging works of the tunnel started and are still going on in a very secretive manner.

The case, Yahya underlined, wasn’t isolated as the IOA was and still is known for its full support to activities that jeopardized the Mosque’s existence, including sanctioning assaults by fanatic Jewish groups against the Aqsa Mosque from time to time in a bid to judaize it.

As this develops, the foundation addressed appeals to Arab and Muslim leaders as well as invitations to concerned Arab and Muslim institutions, including the AL and the OIC among other concerned organizations to immediately intervene to stop the IOA conspiracies against the holy Mosque.

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