Demented Peacocks and Shooting Gallery Jack in the Boxes

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Nov 9, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet, or I’ll get suspicious (grin).
I can’t mention Mr. Apocalypse often enough for my tastes. He’s putting his back into it! He’s rowing with a will and hammering on the waters of substance and experience. Yowsah! Oorah! Marines don’t leave Marines behind, or is it, Marine don’t mess with Marines behinds? I can’t get it straight, probably because I am straight, though somewhat bent, by my continuing adjustments to the world, as well as my need to apologize over and over for not being Politically Correct, which invariably gives me the dry heaves; not the apology but the Political Correctness.
There’s several, interesting things taking place. They are all connected behind the scenes. The pedophilia exposures, are dovetailing with an international awareness of the rank odor of Banker Nation’s interference in domestic affairs and elections throughout The West and maybe everywhere. It is as if, all on it’s own, a clear perception is emerging about civilizations most diabolical enemy. That’s Mr. Apocalypse folks. He’s not just hammering on the waters of substance and experience. He’s hammering on consciousness and comprehension as well. Don’t think that those in the cross-hairs of the lenses of exposure don’t know about all of this, they do. One might call it almost an animal instinct for pending retribution. It pings on the survival zone, of those for whom material culture, is the be all and end all. Of course, this kind of mindset accounts for all the success on that plane. Whatever you are fully committed to, you succeed at, within the dimensions of the demographic and… given what the archetypal reactions to that particular dance might be.
Let us consider the material world, which most of the people who come here, already recognize as a stage and that we are all players “having our exits and entrances” (scanning… scanning… for errors that a 7th grader wouldn’t make. C’mon Visible, get it together!). Yes, most of us know that, “all the world’s a stage”. What we sometimes might not know, is that there are boundaries to the perimeters, which are manned by archetypes, who maintain a particular consistency within the geometrical and geographical limitations of the landscape. You can think of these archetypes, as polarities that act upon each other and may at times, resolve into yet another one, from across and between the poles. They are vibrating verities that maintain the conditions of the moment, through all moments that we have. Our ability to recognize the ceaseless interplay, has a great deal to do with whether we succeed in life or fail, according to the true measure of success. It’s ain’t what it’s generally presented as. The usual route of misinterpretation, of what is real, usually results in spectacular failure, or simple generic failure because the usual state of common humanity is a blue plate special of skewed values, which are grafted on to their awareness, by the world that chews them up and spits them out.
Why is epidemic buggery the functioning liturgy of The Catholic Church? Why is just about every religion all fucked up about sex (pun intended)? This accounts for the majority of people being all hung up about sex and censorious of it, as well as fiercely judgmental about the people who are not hung up, unless it’s the hedonistic profligacy of those who do all kinds of shit from a position of authority. Confusing people about sex, makes it possible to drive them with the whips of guilt. It is why alcohol is the operative, world-wide comestible. Nothing creates more guilt than alcohol and nothing leaves you in worse situations in the aftermath. An argument can be made in this day and age for Methamphetamine, Cocaine and Heroin, though prescription drugs kill many times more people …but alcohol is the queen of the day and night. It’s all about guilt. Guilt invariably amplifies fear. Fear is a Hell of a motivator, when it isn’t intended as a motivation killer.
We could get out of this vicious cycle, if we weren’t so susceptible to the carrot and the stick. We just keep motoring along for the unreachable carrot, while guilt and fear whip our asses onward. Where’s the serenity in that?
It’s been mentioned here, a time or two about the historical record, as mutilated and reconstructed as it may be. Most people don’t have a deep sense of history. They are unread about huge swaths of time, though they might be somewhat aware of some of the many, many hideous circumstances that have gone down over time. Those of us who are, perhaps, a little more aware of things, like violent invasions, revolutions …and things like the trench warfare of WW1 and any number of disasters that were telegraphed ahead of time… we ask ourselves, why did they hang around, given what followed? Sure, in some cases they were hemmed in but, in many cases they were in a position to get out of Dodge. They did not do this and you can trace nearly all of that inaction to some form of attachment. This is what keeps people consistently hanging around for their own torment and demise. It’s what gives people a mortal perspective in the first place. Most people have no clue whatsoever what is possible for them. The potential is limitless. The potential is measurably limitless, whatever that means (grin).
I’ve mentioned the capacity for objective awareness and reasoning many times. I’ve done so because it is a very important ability to possess. The world and those who serve it, are much engaged in compromising people’s ability to exercise objective awareness and reasoning. They are engaged in imprinting false information to begin with. After a time, the mind tends to accept total lies, simply because they are ubiquitous and so often repeated. You have to question everything. One of the reasons I was so enamored of psychedelics, for such a long space of time, was because they acted like a rocket booster that blew me right out of the confines of what is (as far as I am concerned) known euphemistically, as normal life. WTF is that? Now, until very recently, I hadn’t taken psychedelics for a couple of years but much earlier on, I took them every chance I got because I did not want to be trapped in the world I saw around me. Given my persistence on various levels, relentlessly, I am now not trapped in this common world, either physically or consciousness wise. It’s there but I’m not. I can’t say one hundred percent of the time but I don’t say 100% about anything, usually.
The level of spite and “fuck you, no matter how it makes me look” is a feature of these transforming times. Dreadful irony prances like a demented peacock in people’s faces and… do they get it? Maybe something like this is responsible. Well, I will present with verification an uncomfortable truth and implore all of you to adopt the Boy Scout motto as a visceral reality. Be prepared, should 100% of the time, dictate, “be aware’ as well”.
Lies are manufactured by the hour, quite often to support failed and indifferent product, as if telling you something is good, makes it so. I saw this piece of crap and it ‘ranks’ with the worst of the series ever to hit the big screen. It’s muddled, confusing, plot challenged and poorly directed. The death of M got the kind of treatment you would give to some bit player who was in for a moment and out for another. Obviously, if you are a film buff, this piece of excrescence couldn’t occupy the same room with the recent remake of Casino Royale. The only good thing you can say about it was that Javier Bardem showed some decent acting chops, independent and apart from all the bad writing and all the other abortions of the process. Why did I digress like this into some seemingly unrelated thing? Is it unrelated? Did you question my assumption based on my experience of the film? Good. Question everything, except the fact that there is an indefinable unity, underlying all things. Of course you are welcome to question that too. I don’t, not no way and not no how and that is why I don’t have to stand around confused about all the multiplicities, vying for singularity, like shooting gallery Jack in The Boxes and neither do you, unless that’s part of your way of doing things and getting done at the same time.
(scanning… scanning for something less than a 7th grade effort in this unremarkable post… scanning. Damn! Get it together! Be a man! Go ahead, whip it out and wave it around. Why do you think they made trench coats in the first place?) I’m amusing myself. You can take that any way you like. Since I don’t know how you like to take it and since I don’t want to have to give reign to my imagination, in that regard, I’ll just whistle on past the graveyard here and hope The Headless Horseman don’t show up. I did used to get compared to Ichabod Crane but not in a long time now. The tale says he moved to another country and became a judge.
♫When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom, Let it be♫ (scanning… scanning). So, my suggestion is to never accept anything, until it proves itself to you. In the Yoga Aphorisms of Patanjali (I prefer the Alice Bailey edition, though those of you who get all worked up about Lucis Trust might not) there is reference made to restraining the Chitta. This is a lot like my practice of snorting, when thoughts enter your head, given you don’t know the provenance or what internal airport they took off from. This leads to an unbroken flow of knowledge, transmitted from the object under consideration. This is what I mean by never accepting anything until it proves itself to you. It will and you should remember that this is the time of Mr. Apocalypse. Familiarize yourself with what he does. Many of us think ourselves familiar with all of his aspects but make sure, look into it. Make yourself aware that he is in action right now and profit from the positive aspect of his multi-dimensional activities. There are positive aspects and you are personally on his mind. Get that mind meld operational.
End Transmission…….

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