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Smoking Mirrors – Nov 8, 2012

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Once there was a mirror that was bright and clear; a bright and shining clear mirror that accurately reflected what was presented in front of it. This was in a time when material culture was secondary to spiritual culture. As we know, cultures degenerate the longer they are extant. This has proven out over time in many cultures, most of which are no longer with us for that very reason. Now we live in a time of smoking mirrors, smoke filled mirrors, that no longer accurately reflect what is on the other side of them, unless it is bent and filled with smoke that is the resonance of the ascent of material culture. Truly, virtue blooms, here and there in the wilderness, in abandoned lots, anywhere that it can …but there is far less of it than some of us would like and too much of it for others. These are times of self interest, acrimony and payback. This is the way that those who have shoved and elbowed themselves into the leadership behave.
With insanity epidemic at the top, it should come as no surprise that madness is going nova below, attended by ignorance walking alongside of it. Not a day passes when you do not see multiple expressions of these and other things of similar kind. Some might say that these are signs of the total breakdown of the old structure and that they indicate far worse conditions and behavior to come. I read it differently.. I see it as the external manifesting of a long standing imbalance that has finally reached an untenable state and is now consuming itself, in preparation for the flowering of things held in abeyance, until the times have made right for them by the destruction of all aberrations and entities that have obstructed them.
The election period looks like it’s got Mr. Apocalypse’s footprints all up and down it’s back and that’s in more ways than one. Meanwhile, irony drips down the walls of these changing times and backtracking for a moment into the previous sentence, one can’t help but be a little amused at the consternation of the megalomanical cinderblock heads. It sure does look like the ingenious sense of humor of a certain party (which has been regularly mentioned here) is at work and increasingly more so as time goes by.
There’s some kind of a patchwork duality, now in operation all over the place. Bright spots of transformation are showing up all over the place, even while the same mendacious shit goes down, as if it were approved by Reader’s Digest. Here at the blogs I’ve been seeing some pretty fierce critiques of late, couched in names that could be anyone …but giving the appearance of being someone whose been around and has my best interests at heart. Of course, anyone who had my best interests at heart, who wished me well and wanted to get a useful idea across to me, wouldn’t use the language they do the way they do and would put in in an email but… I guess the prevailing opinion among them, is that I won’t get this and will simply react from undisciplined emotions, which is not my first course of response. Even when I am responding strongly, I’ve thought about it first and keep whatever it is within the parameters of the particular blog, according to long time standards, or lack of them (grin).
I’ve noted in these days of vacuity and the reflex worship of the superficial that people attribute their viewpoints and motivations to others. They just assume that people are operating on the same wavelength and prone to the same appetites and desires that run their consciousness. That would be the case, more or less, with everyone being ruled by the same entity but… definitely not the case with those wearing the sigils and symbols of another state of being. This is why embracing deception, for the purpose of self interest, eventually leads to ruin. The truly unfortunate thing about this is that you can’t tell these people anything. If that were possible, they wouldn’t be in the state they are in. It’s not just from other people that we learn about the error of our ways, if in fact, we do learn. We learn it from the consequences of our actions, if in fact, we do learn. Quite often, the consequences don’t show themselves until a long way down the road and I suspect there are reasons for this. There are other ways to learn about the error of our ways. Some of us are actively engaged in seeking out whether or not there is error in our ways but since that definitely flies in the face of self interest, only those who are willing to sacrifice self interest, in exchange for the fruits of true self interest, are likely to realize any profit from the matter.
I know it perplexes you as much as it sometimes does me, how certain people, that we know to be highly intelligent, well educated, powerful and successful, can be so blind to the terminal course they are set upon. Don’t they see? Have they no moral compass? Actually, either they don’t or it’s broken and they broke it. It got in the way. Mark Twain wrote a wonderful short story about the murder of conscience. I don’t recall the name of the story at the moment but you can surely find it with a little due diligence.
When I was in the UK, I took note of the seemingly well set up status of any number of people. I noticed the surface patina of people, on the service end of the economy, who were programmed to be helpful but whose tolerance, in respect of how far they might have to go to really be of service, was pretty limited. I often notice the surface presentation of people and also note how little it would take to enrage them, trip the fear button, for any number of reasons, or activate the survival nature. I try not to deceive myself about this. I know that most people just play along, putting up a front, behind which squirm any number of bestial possibilities. A lot of men find out what they are capable of when they get into a war zone. They find themselves doing things they never imagined, or did imagine but which they hadn’t measured in terms of its effect on them. We learn things about ourselves that we never suspected and certainly never wanted to find out. This is one of the reasons some people drink so much, or lose themselves in one loop or another of distracting passions. It’s pretty hard to gain forgiveness when you aren’t inclined to extend it. Many doors swing both ways and the simplest and most enduring wisdoms seem mysterious and incomprehensible to those who remain a mystery to themselves.
Many people are thrust into life and telepathically invaded by all sorts of influences. They never take the time to make a serious study of themselves. They just want to get by. They seem to believe that certain very important things take care of themselves but they don’t. You definitely have to be proactive because the influence of certain forces and the operations of the world are geared to hold you in thrall though the course of your life, until you suddenly find yourself at the end of it, wondering what happened.
♫There’s something going on here but you don’t know what it is; do you, Mr. John Doe Jones♫? I guess I say the same things over and over but I’m at a loss as to what else to say. To me these are the most critical things in the world but you don’t find that to be the case in the world generally. You find parodies of this in religions, which are distorted and out of focus, just like the mirror being discussed earlier and they are like that for the same reasons. Every minute and every day of your life is very important and especially so it you measure your life in minutes and hours and days. In that case you are serving a life sentence. Children don’t measure their time that way and that is why Summer lasts so very long and why their lives are filled with newness and fascinating things, or they use to be. One of the main thrusts of darkness, in these times, is to destroy childhood. Programming is the thing. Programming is good for commerce and control.
Why would the federal government be so obsessed about keeping marijuana illegal when they are protecting the opium fields of Afghanistan at the same time? They are aren’t they? They engineered that war for just that purpose, along with geopolitical advantage. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year from prescription drugs and alcohol. How many people die from marijuana? Now, I don’t smoke marijuana but that’s not the point. I’ve come to appreciate other comestibles over time and eventually I won’t have any use for those either but… that is also not the point. Just what is the point?
There is something wrong with the thinking processes of most people and -usually- you don’t suddenly become right in the process of doing things wrong. You have to unwrong yourself first. In many cases, wrong has all the appearances of right, though people know at a deeper point inside that they are wrong, even if they won’t admit is and that is why they get so angry when someone points it out to them. If the majority of the world is wrong in many, many ways that puts those who aren’t wrong in a bad light. Who wants to be portrayed in a bad light? Only the very committed don’t care about this. We find that those who are successful in life are almost always very committed and this means any kind of success at all. There are other reasons why people might be successful but, in many of those cases. It presupposes an earlier commitment that put them where they are.
Steady as she goes my friends. Steady as she goes.
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