Hillary Clinton Launches White House Bid

“I’m in, and I’m in to win,” said Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton as she launched a campaign that could see her become the first female U.S. president. That being the case however, she will have much in common with the last two U.S. presidents and it is this that makes her such a strong contender for the position.

Like George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Hilary has overriding political ambition coupled with much that she would probably prefer remains hidden. It’s a deadly combination. In Bush’s case it is a string of homosexual liaisons that culminated in male prostitute Jeff Gannon staying overnight at the White House. If it received sufficient publicity it could blow Bush’s political career but as yet it remains under wraps

Like the list of mysterious deaths that befell those associated with Bill Clinton.

Had it received sufficient exposure it too could have destroyed Bill’s political ambitions. It never did though because Clinton did as he was told but throughout the latter part of his term of office the list of deaths hung over his head like a sword of Damocles.

In fact this has become something of a hallmark for those in positions of power in Britain or America. A hidden past that makes them vulnerable to political blackmail. In Bush’s case it is his homosexual liaisons, with Clinton it is the string of mysterious deaths, while with Tony Blair it is his past as an informer for Britain’s security services.

With sufficient publicity these could have destroyed each ones political career. They never did but the mere threat of exposure was enough to ensure that each did as he was told.

It also explains why Tony Blair threw weight behind the invasion of Iraq, despite massive unpopularity with the invasion at home.

This is how our leaders are kept in line. So what is Hilary Clinton’s weak point? The late Sherman Skolnick may be close to the mark below…

Extract from Lone Nutcase Assassins
By Sherman Skolnick – Winter/Spring 2001

Item: Clinton White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney also worked as an assistant manager/manager in a Starbucks Coffee Shop frequented by Monica Lewinsky and Clinton White House aide George Stepanopoulis. Ms Mahoney was to be a federal grand jury witness on, among other things, that Clinton, as President, from time to time, met in or near the White House, with the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun. He also headed Polytechnologies, Inc., the Red Chinese military owned and operated company producing and marketing Ak-47 submachines guns. Ms Mahoney was a reported witness as to Wang Jun receiving from Clinton as U.S. President and U.S. Commander-in-Chief, United States industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. The firm headed by Wang Jun reportedly shipped or attempted to smuggle into the U.S., quantities of the submachine guns headed for delivery to inner-city narco-terrorist street gangs. The purpose? Apparently to destablize the U.S. government by promoting violent shoot-em-ups with big city police. For the four years he was purported “Independent” Counsel, Kenneth W. Starr had as a PRIVATE law client Wang Jun. Is it any wonder that during the 50 million dollar episode of Starr’s alleged investigation of Bill and Hillary, that all he came up was a sex episode?

Ms Mahoney was assassinated at the Starbucks Coffee Shop, in an intelligence-agency style “hit”, in the heart of the District of Colombia, right near the Naval Observatory, adjacent to the official residence of then Vice President Albert Gore, Jr (4). For a long time, the local authorities, claiming “short of manpower” reportedly did not make the time to investigate the murder. I and others went thereafter on various radio talk shows where permitted, and discussed the failure of the local authorities and the FBI to investigate. Thereafter, on a cold trail, the FBI claimed they had the “lone nut” assassin, an itinerant nobody.

According to the frightened head of a medical clinic, some distance from the Clinton White House, who was promised anonymity by an interviewer, the following occurred:

A U.S. Secret Service guard, on his shift in the Clinton White House, had as an assigned task, to open or close certain designated doors. He reportedly opened a door, and routinely shined his flashlight in there. He saw what he claimed was the then First Lady, Hillary Rodham Clinton, in flagrante delicto, wriggling together with another woman, both naked. The other woman reportedly being Mary Caitrin Mahoney. [According to a later interview with those who knew Ms Mahoney since high school, she was a known, vocal lesbian. On the other hand, on a radio broadcast, long-time once Clinton campaign advisor, Dick Morris, contended Bill Clinton’s sexual problems stem from his lesbian “wife”.]

The medical clinic chief doctor contends he examined the identification document of the Secret Service guard who arrived at the clinic bleeding profusely from his head. The doctor asked: What happened? Answer: I saw something on my shift I was not supposed to know. The First Lady grabbed a heavy metal object, apparently an ash tray, and struck me in the head. Question: Why have you come such a distance while bleeding, to have your head wound treated here? Are there not medical facilities in or near the White House? Answer: my supervisor said I have to get help a distance away, to cause no White House problems.

While the doctor and his associates stitched up the wounded head, as part of his record keeping, he took pictures of the Secret Service guard, his credentials, pictures and x-rays of the wound before and after treatment, and related matters. In relating this to an interviewer, he emphasized, “If you reveal my identity, and that of my relative that put you in touch with me, we are both DEAD. Do you understand?” The interviewer assured the doctor by mentioning various past episodes where he absolutely refused to divulge witnesses and sources.

Why was Mary Caitrin Mahoney murdered? Because she was prepared to testify about certain details of White House treason? Because her eyewitness testimony reportedly as to Hillary, might cut off Hillary’s political ambitions?
Extracted from source: http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=134