Cameron Proposes Deeper Involvement in Syria

News Breif – Nov 7, 2012

In what would amount to a dramatic escalation of Britain’s involvement in the Syrian crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron has proposed opening talks with Syrian rebels.
Until now Britain has had unofficial contacts with Syrian opposition groups, but openly acknowledged talks with military figures in the Syrian opposition would open the way for official recognition and support.
Using a visit to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan to make the announcement; Cameron emphasised how the proposal was needed to resolve a ‘humanitarian crisis’.
Posing alongside refugees who have fled the fighting in Syria, he told reporters that the West should do more to resolve the situation. If necessary Syria’s President Assad could be guaranteed ‘safe passage’ out of the county, he said, adding “it could be arranged.”
In effect this would amount to the overthrow of President Assad.
In a clear sign that more direct involvement was being contemplated, Cameron asked: “What more can we do to help the opposition?”,
‘I am very frustrated we can’t do more,’ he said earlier during his trip. ‘This is an appalling slaughter. We must keep pushing, keep seeing what more can be done to hasten the political transition that’s clearly needed.’
The language has changed subtly but the message is essentially the same as that used by Tony Blair regarding Iraq and Saddam Hussein.
However instead of using the term ‘regime change’, Cameron’s spin doctors have obviously advised him to use a more innocuous sounding phrase, in this case ‘political transition’.
Nonetheless, some in the West obviously want military intervention in Syria. And like Iraq and Libya, the drive is on for regime change – now called “political transition” – on the pretext of humanitarian concerns.    
Cameron’s three-day visit to the Middle East has featured similar examples of such calculated cynicism.
On Monday he visited the United Arab Emirates to help show off RAF Typhoons in the hope of selling some to the UAE. The state-of the-art fighters have now been stationed in the emirates to be on hand should tensions suddenly escalate with nearby Iran.
While in the UAE Cameron took the opportunity to warn his hosts that a nuclear armed Iran could trigger an arms race across the Middle East.   
Whether Iran is actually developing nuclear weapons is open to question but Cameron’s warning will not hinder arms sales to the region, which was the main reason for his visit.
Cameron’s announcement was the latest example of how Western politicians are now beholden to shadowy interest groups with  little interest beyond their own welfare and the dark forces they serve.  
No matter that many of the ‘Syrian rebels’ are not even Syrian, that many are foreign extremists bent on establishing a fundamentalist state or that the opposition movement in Syria is fragmented and at odds with itself.
For Western powers, regardless of who the ‘Syrian oppostion’ actually is it serves to help overthrow Assad.
Moreover, the media coverage of events in Syria is the latest example of how the corporate media has now become a propaganda arm for Western powers.
Even though the ‘Syrian opposition’ has little popular support the Western corporate media refers to ‘Syrian rebels’ and the ‘Syrian opposition’; as if they were an authentic local insurgent movement rather than consisting of many outsiders brought in and financed by the Western aligned Gulf states.

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