Inward and Outward Bound, Somewhere or Other

Visible Origami – Nov 7, 2012


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To say that I am perplexed and confused at the moment would be a serious understatement. I can talk about some things and you will get the jist of it. Some things I cannot talk about because I don’t know what they mean and until I know what they mean, I will eschew (what a word.) any commentary on specific matters. Once you are aware of what took place and the stated motivations, you will possibly understand why I am perplexed and confused.
I should add something, which I have noticed over recent years. I’m not like everybody else. Well, everybody else may not be like everybody else either but I’m talking about a different kind of measurement. I can’t really talk about this either because I don’t know what it means but I notice, when I am around people, I often have what seems to me (given the reactions and lack of reactions of people around me) an alien perspective. Some might think me paranoid or overly imaginative. They do not apply. First of all, I don’t think people are out to get me, except in that general way that all of us, outside the ordinary spectrum, are considered enemy agents due to a (presently defined) unnatural love of freedom and the right of self expression.
However, for sometime now, whenever I am out in public, whenever I look up, I find people staring at me. Sometimes it is with something like an undefined curiosity and sometimes it is with negative aspect that seems to be some combination of apprehension and an inability to define whatever it is they think they are looking at. When I got back on Monday night, I wanted to get a couple of beers to relax with. The stores were all closed, so we stopped at a pub in town. You can buy beers to go at any pub. Susanne said something like “uh oh, the men’s chorus will be in there, so you are going to get a lot of looks. I went in and there were about a dozen men seated at a big table behind me, as I waited to get waited on. I could feel the heat at my back, so I turned around and saw these fellows boring holes in me. One of them was particularly intense, so much so that I extended my hands in a “What”? Expression …but got nothing more but more of the same. I went out and told Susanne what happens and she said, “Yeah, that’s what I thought would happen”. I said, “But why”? And she couldn’t tell me why. That’s really puzzling. She knows it’s going to happen but she doesn’t know why it happens and it happens a lot; like all the time.
I can’t say what the degree of absolute truth concerning my trip is. I’m inclined to go along with what I was told and that seems to be pretty much how it was. A friend of mine got eight people together to go to Transylvania. I was one of them. One of them was at the house in the UK the night before and he disappeared and no one knew where he went and I never heard any more about it.
We went to catch the plane to Transylvania. The majority of the guests met us at the airport. I had just gotten my passport on the Friday before I left for UK, on Tuesday. I didn’t have time to have my residency sticker transferred to my new passport and that caused recurrent problems with security. The very first time, at Heathrow, I was separated from the others and I could not find them for what seemed a very long time. I wound up way the Hell out somewhere and saw some Muslim employees of the airport. I showed them my boarding pass and one of them said, “Oh, your flight has already left”. I thought, “Damn! What am I going to do now”? They called security and a policeman arrived. He looked at my ticket and said, “Your flight hasn’t left yet”. He escorted me a very long way to a gate. There was a large number of passengers collected there but those I was traveling with were not among them. The security office put me on the other side of a gate with one other person. I had priority boarding. I never saw the others and I thought, “This is not the right flight. Where am I going to wind up”? Then came the boarding and I still didn’t see them. My seat was in the front row of the plane. Finally all the rest of them arrived and we had the whole front row.
Apparently Transylvania is distinct from Romania. This was pointed out to me over and over. We arrived in Transylvania in blazing sunlight and the weather stayed very warm and sunny throughout the stay. Lovely Rita picked us up in a jeep type SUV and we were packed in like sardines for a two and a half hour trip over winding roads. Before arriving at my friends house, we stopped at Vladimir and Elizabeth’s house, where they had prepared some entertaining peasant food. Vladimir is a very gifted painter. I’m still moved by his work and will try to scan some of it at some point so you can see it.
We went to the house and after a brief dropping off of things, someone said we were going down to the pub in town. I went along and near immediately there were 3 drinks in front of me. I could see that this event was going to turn into a blasted state and I didn’t want to go there, so I asked Tzabi to please drive me up to the house.
I got driven to the house and settled in. I was in an unheated room but I had a ski suit. Sometime in the middle of the night, someone pushed my door open and I woke up freezing so I went inside the house to warm up and then back out to sleep. The next day was the day of the party and there was a little something I was unaware of. I had been told there would be mushroom wine. As it got toward evening, different people kept coming up to me and asking me to ask about the mushroom wine. Every time I did I got an indifferent response. I didn’t know what was happening and I felt like people didn’t like me very much. My friend said we had to wait for the musicians to go before we had the wine. It was a matter of respect. That made no sense. My friend remarked that I wasn’t drinking any beer and that that was somehow unacceptable. I asked for a beer and drank that. Then went outside. The musician, who had a Korg Pa workstation was very good. I started singing and then I went into an impromptu and extemporaneous series of gospel inflected lyrics. Afterwards, I felt like I had emptied something out that was deep within. I walked over the the others who were all laughing and grinning at me and then I got it. I had been dosed with LSD. The purest and cleanest acid I have seen in decades. It was like something by Sandoz or Owsley. I got 4 hits and went to another planet. I was told the gathering was all about me. I was told the perception was that I had gotten too internalized with the Ketamine and this had been done because they loved me. I suspect this is true, so I am going to say goodbye to the lady and move on.
I can’t begin to describe what happened to me that night. Years ago I had had a “Let it Be” trip. I had another one. The things I saw… Whoa. Then, the next morning, a large goblet of mushroom wine was placed in front of me and that led to a seriously protracted episode of yawning and further reaches into the cosmos. My friend remarked that I came all the way to Transylvania and wound up sitting in the little corner I was in. I don’t think he understood what was going on inside of me. What occurred, it seemed to me at the time, was one of the most singularly powerful acts of brotherhood I had ever experienced and a tremendous payback for whatever it is that I do around here. I was separated in certain senses, as my diet is very different from the rest of them and, for whatever the reason, I’m not like everyone else. This is not a knock on everyone else, nor some kind of selective elevation of myself. It’s just a matter of differences. It’s a matter of things I don’t understand, though I am told I will at some point.
Things got a little strange as time passed, until we set off at 3 in the morning for the airport; another long ride. I got back to UK and was pretty godawful tired and we were riding around for a long time looking for a hotel. I assumed we were picking someone up. Then I found I was being dropped off there. I had no idea of this happening but I was told I had been told about it the previous Thursday evening because the grandparents of my friend’s lady were coming to stay. That totally went by me. It seems a lot of things went by me that I don’t understand. Was everything that happened for my benefit or was there some kind of lesson being transmitted to me? When I was dropped off at the hotel, this fellow Matty seemed very annoyed at me. I’m pretty sure of that but completely unsure of why. I was very tired and- after a wonderful steam bath at the health complex next door and something to eat, I went to sleep around 6:00 PM and stayed that way until 6:00 AM the next morning. I had some breakfast and then tried to reach my friend. Finally I did. I had no cellphone and I didn’t know his number or address. A lot of what happened seemed to be scripted by God. I asked God how many people were in on it. God said, “Maybe some and maybe none but I am certainly in on it”.
My Italian boots started causing me a great deal of pain. I had to take them of and walk around in socks. I was told that there was a store in the next town over where later I could get some sneakers or something. Then I was told that my size, 11.5 or 12 was too large for the area (strange again). Hours later, all of a sudden, I was directed to a pair of old sneakers that fit me perfectly. Probably all of this is very easily explained.
My friend told me to check out at noon and then wait at the free airport bus stop across the street from the hotel and he would come by. I waited outside there for an hour and a half. I was very cold by that point and had gone into the hotel to see if there were any messages. There weren’t. I had no boarding pass and no idea of which terminal I should go to. The people in the hotel said that for my flight, the bus across the street went to the very terminal I needed to go to. I shrugged my shoulders and walked back across the street, just as the bus was arriving. I went to the terminal and presented my passport at check in and promptly got a boarding pass. Wonder of wonders. So I hung around and wandered around the terminal until six o’clock. Then I breezed through security, while everyone before and after me got vigorously patted down. I waited for my plane and got on my plane and flew away.
One thing I noticed about the UK is that a lot of people have a lot of money. You expect to see Mercedes and BMW’s in Germany but there were far more in UK than I ever saw anywhere else ever. What I also found out is that things are seriously expensive. They eat a tremendous amount of pork there. Cigarettes are off the charts expensive and tobacco, in pouches with less than half of what you get anywhere else are more expensive than anywhere else. When you can get a pouch the same size as everywhere else it cost 16 pounds. The shops in the airport were more upscale than anything I have seen anywhere else. The computer, camera, cellphone shop was like something you would expect to see in Abu Dhabi. The Marks and Spencer shop had the most outrageous foods I’ve ever seen, really impressive and top of the line. It is apparent that the UK, which is the banking nerve center for the world has a lot of money circulating. I read The Sunday Telegraph and some clueless op ed writer was going on and on about what a splendid and heroic figure Ehhud Barak is. There were sops to the world’s number one, crime syndicate nation all through the paper. It was revolting.
I was so glad to get home and I’ve been in a really good frame of mind since. I’m still perplexed and confused about some things but I’ll get that sorted. I had a wonderful time at different points and the LSD was just what the doctor ordered. There was a fantastic dog there, a Romanian dog and they get about as big as an Irish Wolfhound. There was some violence that went down, I’m not going to talk about that. There was a little suckling pig running around. He was drunk most of the time. I’m not going to talk about that. I’m going to reflect on things, where I am able to reflect and I am going to get it together for India now and this big event I keep hearing about but am not getting any details on.
I’m glad Clarity is alright and hopefully all the rest of you in that hurricane zone. Howdy Doody is president again and maybe now things ‘might’ change, since he doesn’t have to worry about getting elected. However, America is going downhill fast. Besides that, I don’t know anything and whatever I think I know, is highly suspect at this point. Maybe I’ll get a clue and maybe I won’t but this world doesn’t intrigue me that much anyway anymore.
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