Who Is Writing David Cameron’s Speeches?

News Commentary – Nov 5, 2012

On Monday British Prime Minister David Cameron warned that a nuclear-armed Iran could trigger a dangerous new arms race in the Middle East. Ironically and one might add, in a display of obtuse cynicism, Cameron’s comments came while he is on a three-day-trip to promote arms sales to the Gulf States.
Talk about pig-headed hypocrisy. Here we have David Cameron warning that a nuclear armed Iran could trigger a Middle East arms race while he’s visting the region to promote arms sales. 
Earlier this year Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is on record as saying much the same.
In a speech to the AIPAC earlier in March 2012, Netanyahu told delegates:
“There’s been plenty of talk recently about the costs of stopping Iran. I think it’s time to talk about the costs of not stopping Iran,” he said, claiming that a nuclear Iran would trigger an arms race in the Middle East that could ultimately shut off the world’s oil supply.
Describing a nuclear armed Iran as “the worst nightmare of all,” Netanyahu told America’s influential pro-Israeli lobby group that every means would be used to prevent the Islamic Republic from obtaining nuclear weapons.
The Israeli leader told cheering AIPAC delegates that the use of armed force couldn’t be ruled out as an option.
Netanyahu’s ominious warnings in March echoed British Foreign Secretary William Hague only weeks before when he told journalists that a nuclear armed Iran could plunge the world into a “new Cold War”.
Like Netanyahu, Hague also repeated the mantra that “all options” would be considered.
Now those warnings are being sounded once again, this time by British Prime Minister David Cameron while on a visit to the United Arab Emirates.
The prime minister flew into into a military airbase in Dubai with Defence Secretary Philip Hammond to show off RAF Typhoons in the hope that the UAE will buy some of the BAE aircraft.
Significantly, Britain now has state-of-art Typhoons stationed in the Persian Gulf.
Speaking at Zayed University in Abu Dhabi, Cameron told students that Iran was a cause for concern for a number of reasons:

“First of all, if Iran is embarked on trying to acquire a nuclear weapon, as I believe it is, that is a threat in itself, particularly given what Iran has said about other countries in the region, and in particular about Israel, about wanting to ‘wipe it off the map’.

Regular readers will know that Ahmadinejad’s alleged threat to wipe “Isreal off the map” was a deliberate mistranslation promoted by Zionists.
The fact that Cameron should repeat it while stationing more fighters near Iran should raise alarms. All the more so as he then went on to sound yet more warnings about why a nuclear armed Iran would be so dangerous:

 “…there is a second reason why it is so concerning and that is because I think it could trigger a nuclear arms race across the whole region.”

So Cameron is not only mouthing the same lines about Ahmadinejad’s threat to “wipe Israel off the map”, he’s also echoing Netanyahu’s warnings about a “nuclear arms race”.
Do these guys have the same speech writers? Are the reading from the same script? 
Are Netanyahu and Cameron indeed following the same game plan?   
Either way, the arms build-up around the Gulf and the fact that politicans from different countries are mouthing the same lines means that military conflict with Iran still cannot be ruled out.
Certainly it’s what the real powers that be want and if it occurs it won’t remain confined to the Middle East. Russia and China will inevitably be drawn in together with America and the West, resulting in a world war, which is exactly what  the Illuminati be want.

Cameron’s quote source: The Independent

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