Illuminati: Inbreeding and Genocide

by Anonymous – ( Nov 5, 2012

[Disclaimer: This email from a reader contains some credible information. I present it for your evaluation.]

I became involved in a very strange affair and through the course of it, a woman claiming to be a member of the Illuminati began to correspond with me.
We had a mutual interest in “pedigree collapse” which is caused by excessive inbreeding. Perhaps the most striking example of this condition can be found in the bloodline of the Hapsburg dynasty who through this practice wiped themselves out of existence. The last in the bloodline, Charles the Bewitched, was mentally and physically disabled as well as impotent. His  family members were closely related. His grandmother was also his aunt.
The late Queen Mother’s bloodline, the Bowes-Lyons carries the retardation gene which causes them to miscarry their male offspring. Five female members of the Queen’s family [her cousins] were born as imbeciles who had to be locked away in a mental institution for some 60 years.

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