Green Zone Follies January 12, 2007

“’Now is the winter of our discontent….’ And it is.

A coming influx of fresh meat and the sodomists and drug dealers in the ranks are rubbing their hands with glee.

This is going to be a really terrible last act, believe me. The rag heads know more green troops are coming over here to save Bush’s tattered reputation and they are loading up on armaments, just waiting. Bush claims, truthfully, that weapons are coming in here from Iran.

He threatens Iran. No one believes him and the weapons, and trained men, still pour in to Iraq.

We don’t have anywhere near enough troops to seal the borders and deal with the growing insurgency. The other side are using shaped charge small rockets that blow our vehicles, including tanks, up and kill the crews. The top brass here knows that we cannot win the war with 100,000 new men, let alone 20,000 new and green ones.

The drill is to take over an area in Baghdad, kill off anyone that looks like a resistance person and then garrison it with our people! Baghdad is a huge, sprawling city and to follow this Bush plan is pure insanity from the git-go. Can’t be done.

And the sheep will be led to the slaughter and the homefolks will get madder.

The Generals here are very, very unhappy. They do not dare tell Bush or his butt kissers in the Pentagon the truth…that we cannot win this civil war/resistance movement. There is a terrible parallel with ‘Nam but Bush is so delusional that he can’t see it.

Our people can but they can’t open their mouths. There will be no ‘final victory’ but the high death tolls will get even higher.

One two star fellow who has met with Bush, is telling everyone that the President is a nut and ought to be sent packing but he can do nothing. The idea of mutiny is still there and still growing. All it will take is one incident and the press will rupture itself trying to keep it under wraps.

My father was a reporter in the south and he used to say, ‘Once a newspaperman, always a whore.’ “