The Real BBC: “Cesspit of Depravity”

News Commentary – Nov 3, 2012

It’s reflected in the BBC news coverage and now it appears in the behaviour of its staff too. As it by osmosis, the conventions furthered by the corporation are now being mirrored by its employees.
The BBC’s slavish adherence to the New World Order’s agenda is obvious in everything from the wall-to-wall coverage it gave to Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction – which turned out to be a lie – to its studiously ignoring of the REAL facts behind 9/11.
But just as the New World Order is being promoted by the BBC, the manners and mores behind it are inevitably seeping beyond BBC newsdesks into the rest of the corporation.
In the latest revelation, it has been alleged that the late TV star Leonard Rossiter watched as three BBC staff attempted to anally rape a young male TV extra.
Far from intervening or raising the alarm, the star of BBC comedy shows watched with obvious relish, according to the victim who has described the BBC as a “cesspit of depravity”.
Although the sexual assault took place at the BBC Television Centre in the 1960’s, Rossiter’s accuser finally called police after being appalled by stories of sexual abuse within the BBC that have emerged amid the Jimmy Savile affair.
Little wonder though that the “news” coming from BBC reporters and commentators has until now been at pains to avoid any detrimental mention of homosexuality. After all, that is part of the corporation’s agenda: to encourage the acceptance of homosexuality as a ‘lifestyle choice’ rather than a sexual perversion.
Little wonder too that tales of Jimmy Savile’s exploits or stories like the one below are increasingly being heard. For what has been hidden and buried for so long is finally, inevitably coming to light.
To make matters worse though, the British public are still legally bound to subsidise the organisation in which this sort of behaviour abounds through broadcast license fees. 
Police are currently investigating the allegations but we believe that similar reports will surface in the coming weeks and months.
Finally, if you believe the BBC should be held accountable: STOP PAYING YOUR LICENCE FEES. We know it’s mandatory but if you want to make the BBC answerable it’s one of the few options left.
And short of outright violence against BBC staff or property, we think if enough people stop paying it will make them take notice.

Late screen legend Leonard Rossiter accused of performing a sex act as three BBC staff tried to rape 18-year-old TV extra

Leon Watson – Daily Mail nov 3, 2012

Screen legend Leonard Rossiter is the latest celebrity name to be embroiled in the sex scandal engulfing the BBC.

The Rising Damp star, who died in 1984 aged 57, has been accused of performing a sex act as he watched three BBC staff trying to rape a male TV extra.

An anonymous male accuser told The Sun the trio twice assaulted him at BBC Television Centre in West London when he was 18.

He said Rossiter, who also starred in the much-loved series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, watched the second 1960s attack.

It is the latest scandal to hit the Corporation following the mountain of claims made about Sir Jimmy Savile.

Today, the alleged victim branded the BBC a ‘cesspit of depravity’ as he recalled the assault, one of two he said he suffered at the TV Centre.

Police are now investigating after the man stepped forward to give a statement and detectives are understood to be considering arrests.

The accuser was an 18-year-old extra on the set of a controversial BBC play titled The Year of the Sex Olympics when the attacks took place in 1968.

He told The Sun: ‘In the rehearsal room in TV Centre one BBC man tightly held my wrists while two others were behind me trying to rape me.

‘I was the victim of two assaults. The second time they obviously tipped off Leonard Rossiter because while I was struggling and shouting for help he was in the room. He obviously found it all a big turn-on. He was watching with glee.


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