Interview with Expelled Bishop Williamson

Kevin Boyle – No One to Vote For Oct 31, 2012

This interview took place during the summer of 2010 while Bishop Williamson was under aqn ‘order of silence’ imposed by the head of his order, the SSPX, Bishop Fellay.
In October 2012 Fellay expelled Williamson from the SSPX so the interview can now be released.
Bishop Williamson’s expulsion has created a crisis among the priests of the SSPX. Now that Fellay has expelled the SSPX’s most determined and vociferous defender of its founding principles, it is clear that these principles have been abandoned for the comfort of being embraced by the mainstream Judaised Catholic Church.
That Fellay should expect his priests and congregation to go along with this is surprising. We shall see how the situation plays out. One wonders what the point of the SSPX is if it now submits to the reviled edicts of Vatican II. 
Can SSPX priests work happily alongside a Vatican hierarchy whose past leaders have participated in joint religious celebrations with those whose ‘Holy Book’, The Talmud states that “Christ is in hell drowning in boiling excrement”. Can they make common cause with ‘Catholics’ who pal up with Rabbis who teach that all non-Jews are not human. That they are ‘Goyim’ or ‘cattle’. 
Is not the consequence of the Vatican’s ongoing completely one-sided truce plain for all to see? I recommend Piers Compton’s “The Broken Cross” to those who would like to understand how it all happened.
Christianity is dying and is being helped to die whilst Jews, having gained a monopoly on victimhood, now control (with the assistance of their masonic and other assorted gentile helpers) just about every aspect of western societies from finance to food to communications to publications and the arts. Members of a community that constitute 0.5% of the UK population dominate every aspect of our lives and people dare not say so because our very human empathy has been weaponised towards our own spiritual and material destruction.
What fools we are.
What fools are so-called Christian leaders who attack those who state the obvious in defense of what were and remain, let us remember, the teachings of Christ.
But in these dark days, when official Christianity and Christ are in clearest opposition, who inside the Christian churches cares?

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