Voice of the White House January 12, 2007

“It should be pretty evident by now that George W. Bush is as mad as a Hatter. He not only has no intention of withdrawing troops, in the face of strong public opinion, but is going to shove more men into the slaughter house so he can proclaim what he calls ‘victory’ and have a triumphant withdrawal.

What is behind this madness? Partially, the Israelis. They have a very strong lock on Bush, and Joe Lieberman and Israel wants the U.S. to attack both Syria and Iran. Is this ideology here? Partially but massive bribery is well-known to be involved.

The Army is tapping phones and there is enough evidence piling up to arrest both men for their actions but that will in no way stop Bush. Now, we learn, the Pentagon, on Bush’s specific orders, is planning to activate almost the entire National Guard and eventually, ship them off to Iraq.

Bush wants badly to attack both Iran and Syria but we do not have the ground troops to do this. We do, however, have an undamaged Air Force and the plans now being discussed consist of bombing the hell out of both Tehran and Damascus but with no follow-up on the ground.

Israel has been egging this on, supplying intelligence (suitably doctored…Bush can’t tell a real report from a fake one and Lieberman doesn’t care) and making vague promises of some kind of support.

What this is, in view of their recent thrashing by Hezbollah, no one knows at this point.

None of this is guaranteed to happen but believe me, it is being serious put forward by the White House.

There is stronger talk of having Bush removed from the White House before he does start a much bigger war. He is too far gone in his psychotic state to listen to anyone and like Stalin in his last years, is becoming totally paranoid, striking out at anyone anywhere who dares to contradict him.

His power is real but only in a narrow sense, and he has infuriated not only Democrats and Republicans in Congress but a rapidly growing number of the American public.

We are on a collision course, children, and don’t doubt it. Bush is a loony and Lieberman is standing right next to him, pushing him on. When Bush flees the country with an angry mob after him, he can take Joe with him. Please.”

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