Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land

Smoking Mirrors – Oct 29, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
There are high watermarks that occur, along the way to Samarra, on the road to Damascus. Each of these leaves a signature stain on the wall of time. Sometimes they are ominous and sometimes they are refreshing. Do they mean anything at all? Does anything mean anything at all? I ask that question because appearances seem to indicate that is the case in the heartlands of The West, which more accurately reflect the asslands of sedentary, passive, observer-ville. We do not mean to be insulting but, what do you do when that is what conditions indicate with large segments of the public?
Anyone, at any time, can step out into Anywhere-Land and ask Joe Six Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow what they think about any controversial affair, in the more or recent past and they will give you some version of not seeing enough about it on TV to have their informed opinion branded into their cerebrum. These are the people who, when they were part of a telemarketing, opinion sampling on whether or not they would be interested in having an ‘all commercials’ station added to their cable lineup, thought it was a good idea and said they would definitely watch.
The hard numbers, dealing with real change, as seen by those who do not have their posterior where the rest of us have a cranium, indicate that when people will not change, through any amount of informational impact on their cranium (located who knows where) that another impact is inevitably required for their posterior. When The Cosmos demands transformation and change, there are no human, alternative choices. The Cosmos is not a brute about it. The Cosmos notes that you are sleeping and have been deeply sleeping, so The Cosmos gently shakes your shoulder and says, “Arise, arise, awakening is on your doorstep”. Mr Apocalypse is by his side, twirling his walking stick and whistling, “Putting on the Ritz”. Some few will awaken at that time and be in the vanguard of irresistible change. Most will not awaken, so The Cosmos returns to the bedside and shakes them in a noticeably harder fashion, saying, “Hey (knock! Knock!), is there anybody in there? Hello, wake up! Wake up”! Some larger amount of the public will awaken at this point and some portion of that public will go back to sleep again. They will see the absurdity of certain events, foisted on them by psychopaths, who actually carried out the events. It will frighten them; that responsibility that comes with awareness …and they will seek to return to being unaware. At this point, The Cosmic will pick up a two by four and smack the remaining sleepers and serial sleepers upside the head and say in a really loud voice, “Wake the fuck up! Wake the fuck up”! He’ll be alternating with Mr. Apocalypse and his walking stick. Lady Nature will be shaking the bed. There will be alternating drum sticks, doing a hopped up Ginger Baker, all about the head and shoulders of the sleepers. Lady Nature and the backup singers will be wailing by the bedside.
Yes, there are pockets of awareness and awareness walkers, moving through the environment, firing out of the duck blinds and generally making noise by the day. It’s heartening to witness but… juxtaposed beside the mountains of denseness and the deserts of stupidity, it looks a lot like the vanishing corner store, in comparison to Mall of America. This is why hardship and mass departures, presently looks like what’s for dinner. I wish with all of my heart that these measures were not necessary. It’s simple math. It’s a matter of badly programmed GPS’s. If you think you are going to one place but the car is actually going to another, where are you going to wind up? The answer to that, is as simple as can be, so the problem is not one of comprehension. It’s not a matter of not getting it. It is a matter of not wanting to get it. How did you wind up in a war zone in Afghanistan? How did you wind up drunk and naked on Canal Street? How did you wind up anywhere that you wound up, anytime you wound up anywhere? You walked. You drove. You flew. You sailed or you railed. You got there by going there. This is the hard math of it. This is the inarguable logic of circumstances, converging with directional intent. People can argue against this with all of the denial and ignorance at their command but they cannot alter it. It is what it is and you had better meet it at the marrow, before it cracks your bones to get at your marrow.
Youth is a Mecca of optimism. Anything is possible, until one is confronted with the cost of anything and everything under consideration, “Oh, there must be an easier way”. Youth soon comes to terms with altruism and idealism and makes whatever concessions and compromises are necessary. The treadmill beckons and you get a nice big TV screen, in front of it, that simulates what is actually taking place, while bearing no resemblance to what is taking place, whatsoever. You stop growing in and start growing out. Vertical is replaced by horizontal and that just lines the pockets of all the death dealing corporations, who don’t care one way or another what happens to you. The same collection of vampires and werewolves own the toxic food industries AND the medical industry. The point of wonder pharmaceuticals is not to heal anything. Symptom suppression is as close as they get to anything like that. The point of these pharmaceuticals is to put you into a condition where you need more pharmaceuticals. The best you can hope for is that they won’t kill you outright and that there is, hopefully, a more extended time line to that result.
If you don’t do something to change what happens to you, then things get done that change what happens to you. If you don’t have a course, or a direction set, then a course and direction will be set for you. Sharks like tuna and dolphins like tuna but they both like them for diametrically different reasons. ♫Tuna you’re mine, completely♫ Tuna aren’t very bright but they definitely taste good. That’s right Charley, the boys who own the cannery are not looking for tuna with good taste. They are looking for tuna that tastes good. Dolphins can swim very fast. It’s been reported that Dolphins swim with tuna and protect them from sharks. Dolphins have hard noses and should they broadside a shark it can be curtains for the shark. Sharks, being prehistoric, cannot stop swimming or they will die. Dolphins also protect humans on occasion.
The dolphins of the sea are, no doubt, loved by the tuna. The human dolphins are not often loved by the human tuna. This is because the human sharks have a great deal more influence on land than in the sea. Would these be land sharks? This is a telling metaphor or two. The land tuna look up to the land sharks even though they are consumed no less upon the land than they are in the sea. However, tunas on land, like to live in Rainbow World. Rainbow World is no less real to them, even though it is a fiction. Perhaps they believe it will not hurt so much if they have their heads in Rainbow World. They consider themselves all American, when they take their children to McDonald’s to eat and frolic in the play area, just like those parties at Chuck E. Cheese. They think they are being enlightened, when they celebrate Heather having two mommies, when the intended end result, is an end to procreation as we know it and you can be sure that Monsanto and all of the rest are deep into the research for that. Absolute control is best initiated in the womb. Political Correctness in not about making everyone equal. It is about making everyone equally dumb. The difficulty in addressing the subject is that one gets painted as intolerant when it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the machinations taking place behind the projected template. The same thing is true when considering the sharks and the tuna and the dolphins. A casual glance can cause the mind to make the assumption than any one of them is one of the others. This is especially true of sharks and dolphins, where the only main telling point is the tail fin, should the bottlenose not be visible. So land sharks, being what they are, consider it smart tactics to hide among the human tuna and pose as dolphins.
Go to the old folks homes and study the generally inevitable result of life, when it has been permitted to continue to that point, given that accident or something terminal has not already claimed them. Study these people. You’re headed there, unless for some reason you retain your wits, or have good relatives. The contemporary conditions of life have made respect for and caring for your elders an unpleasant waste of time. Where is the logic in the indifference and mistreatment of those who are examples of where you will be? Not much makes sense, seen via time lapse photography.
Diet Coke rots your insides. The majority of these processed poisons are incrementally lethal but… so what? You’re not going to tell me what to eat or what to do. That’s the shark’s job.
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