The Cold, Hard Daylight of Temporary End Times

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Oct 27, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
The reach expands. The grasping monster feels his way in the dark. The darkness is a product of the monster. The monster is controlled by a collection of monsters, who created the impetus for it. This is a cold hard fact, in the cold hard daylight of temporary End Times. People believe you can do various things to treat with evil. Some think you can reason with it. Evil loves to seem reasonable, until it can get into position to act unreasonably. Some think you can make lasting and honest deals with evil. I won’t dignify that with a response. Some think you can swim with the flow, until some shoreline appears to grant you safe harbor. There is only one thing you can do in terms of Evil and that is to resist it’s appearance inside of you. The purpose of global evil, in times of darkness, is to induce the evil within us, to rise up and resonate with it. It achieves this through our weaknesses, appetites and shortcomings. It’s not difficult to get the mass of humanity in thrall, through saturation media, along with bread and circuses. This is why they don’t want you stockpiling food. The whole, present climate of the culture is orchestrated. It’s a many pinchered movement, from Bill and Melinda’s vaccine eugenics, to The Monster who serves The Monsters.
When we say that something is ‘monstrous’, we refer to behavior or conditions, which are unacceptable to our usual perception of the human estate. When some force creates conditions, or behaves in a way outside of the acceptable parameters of behavior, if it is extreme, it can become monstrous. It is also monstrous to define your behavior as acceptable, when it is not and to work relentlessly to discourage and resist any and all attempts to curb that behavior or modify the terrible conditions put into place by monsters.
The march of the monsters is a slow and steady treading. It is an international march that is actually driving humanity into the sea. At no time has anyone ever taken over the whole world and no one ever will. This means that something other than the intentions of those seeking to, is going to be the final result. What it also means, is that soon enough, nothing is going to be what it was before because everything before, has been altered and been seemingly under the control, of certain monsters.
The world is balanced on a knife edge at the moment. Economic calamity is knocking on the door. The gold of nations is missing. Money is being printed, in a wild frenzy, to maintain a charade that is imploding. The monsters are behind this. Food and water are becoming critical possibilities. The monsters are behind this. The political climate is tending toward police states. The monsters are behind this. Lies are the exclusive and daily fodder of those supping at the common and poisoned well. The monsters are behind this. The monsters are a blind and brutal force, with no respite or reflection contained within them. They are on an unchanging course, toward an irresistible force.
We seek position and placement, in the mix of these most uncertain of times. Moorings are breaking loose. Nature is in a cosmic conspiracy to visit a great displeasure on those forces seeking to enslave and destroy humanity. When you don’t listen. When you refuse to comprehend, then you must feel. “Those who cannot hear, must feel”
There are Satanists and then, there are Satanists. You got the rank and file, the paper pushers and procurers and you got the selected, chosen, of The Prime Deceiver. Yes, Virginia, there is a VIP section in the infernal realm. It doesn’t translate into the same kind of privilege as you may be familiar with but you’ll have to reference Dante for that. What does one talk about when one wants to countermand the lies and justifications of The Satanic Press? You can talk about human trafficking. You can talk about the Uranium Depletion Allowance. You can talk about ritualized pedophilia, for the purpose of invocation. You can talk about Monsanto. You can talk about the economic downturn and Wall Street and Fleet Street hijinks. You can talk about the political hand-puppets and the compromise and corruption of the legal and judicial system. You can talk about these and various other things, affecting us like Biblical plagues, but invariably you will come around to a particular, ambulatory, psychopathic virus that is, in some way, tied in to every one of them.
It is an unpleasant affair to be drawn again and again to these same points, which need to be hammered into the woodwork with steel spikes. On the other hand, the remorseless persistence, of an army of sold out, lying jackals, threatens to blot out the sun and leave nothing but a blood red moon, against the endless expanse of unchanging night. Imagine a medieval environment, a village, a castle and… in the outlying unknown, are enemy entities, seeking opportunity and only the vigilant and unsleeeping eye of the watchers on the ramparts, or the outskirts, can summon with bells, whistles and horns, the defenders needed to man the barricades that keep evil on the outside, where it belongs. You can think of yourself as this village or castle and unless you maintain an awareness of the creeping evil, it will come upon you like something out of The Invasion of the Body Snatchers on the Day of the Triffids.
More of us need to be ‘the boy who cried’ “crocodile swine”! Otherwise, with urine soaked, yellow journalism by the day and by the day (golden showers of disinfo) …and with armies of sycophants, armed with automatic writing pens, that authorize crime …and support these endeavors by the crocodile swine, you are lost by inches and degrees. You can repent at your leisure, when you finally arrive at whatever point your oppressors intend for you. 94% of the genociding population supported, Operation Cast Lead; no more needs to be said. However, more will be said, over and over and over, while breath and strength remain. You’re not going to get where you really want to go ♫unless you have a suitcase, a ticket and a passport and the cargo that you’re carrying is you♫
Clearly, you cannot give direction to those who do not think clearly. Clearly you cannot transmit to the porcine, obsessive compulsive in the Escalade that the bridge is out up ahead. The fact that he is giving you the finger, as he drives by, sums up the situation. You can’t go into any showroom, or department store and begin informing the shopping junkies of what is waiting for them, on the other side of the cash register. You look at the examples and lessons of history and you say to yourself, “Why did they not see what was happening”? “How did they swallow such monstrous lies that were fabricated out of whole cloth, by those using these lies to control them”? “How could they have willingly marched to their own destruction”? “What was so great about Big Macs, Kentucky Fried Rats, Diet Coke and Methamphetamine”? “What was so special about Network TV, Pop Tarts, Street Tarts and Stretch Pants”? “What was the allure behind all of the glitter and airbrushed shit”? Everybody has 20-20 hindsight. We are a world of armchair generals and Monday Morning Quarterbacks, who flinch and genuflect on command and that is why the only general they will ever turn into is the kind of general that gets produced by General Mills. Forget about quarterback.
You’re getting hosed in your clothes by a naked emperor. What keeps people where they are? Attractions and attachments keep them there. Tailors fashion suits that conceal the dimensions of the form beneath it. These suits don’t come cheap and neither do the indulgences that lead to the need for such a suit. It’s possible that, one day, you just step off course and right on to the wrong course, going nowhere with the promise of everything but… most of the time, it is a game of inches and moments and you can’t name the point at which it finally all turned to shit. You can hide the form beneath the suit but you can’t hide the star spangled noses and the cast of the eyes.
Like they say, “All’s well that ends well”. Will it end well? At some point and under certain conditions and with certain personnel, that will be the case. In many another instance that will not be the case and anyone can see what courses are likely to end well and not end well but… for some reason this doesn’t seem to take. For some reason, those on a doomed course, believe that it will end differently in their case. Hope is not the only thing that springs eternal. One would have to say the same is true of ignorance.
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