Catholic Church expels Bishop Williamson. Questioning ‘The Holocaust’ Will Not Be Tolerated

Kevin Boyle – No One To Vote For Oct 25, 2012

See the report about the expulsion of Bishop Williamson from the SSPX. The last voice of important and essential truth within the Catholic Church has now been silenced….
……..or, more hopefully, liberated to broadcast the full and now-prohibited teachings of Christ (as opposed to the edited, culturally acceptable, Judaised gospel to which ‘Christian’ churches now conform).
Williamson says there were no human gas chambers in the German camps. That this is true is now provable beyond the tiniest doubt. The honourable Bishop has been trying to blow the whistle to Catholics, Christians and the world at large about the greatest lie afflicting mankind.
Behind the great shield that this lie has created hides the ‘international Jewish banking cartel and its Orthodox and Masonic ideologues….
………..the true enemy of and the greatest threat to humanity……
………..the true enemy and the greatest threat to the Jews themselves, deceived (like most of the rest of us) into believing a breathtaking lie.
Our horror at the stories about extreme Jewish suffering amount to a weaponisation of our human empathy.
Our fear of being thought ‘evil’ by expressing anything that has been pre-labelled as ‘anti-semitic’, forbids us from stating obvious truths that might save us from these predatory parasites.
Unfortunately, the leaders of ‘the Jewish people’ are our leaders too and have been so for a very long time.
When Lord Northcliffe, then owner of ‘The Times’ and ‘The Observer’, wrote about the peril that had been exposed by the publication of ‘The Protocols of The Elder of Zion’, it did not take the true masters of England long to remove him from his position and have him declared insane.
This was in 1921. How much more in thrall to these creatures are we today?
I will tell you.
We are so dominated by the enemies of Christ that those who occupy the highest positions within the Churches of Christ now condemn and expel any real Christian who stands by Christ’s most prescient warnings.
Here is a question that any Christian should be prepared to put to the leaders of his or her church:
Are the teachings of Orthodox Jewry Satanic as Christ clearly stated?
Yes or no?
If the answer is no, go and join some other organisation. You are not a Christian and care nothing for the welfare of Jews, never mind the rest of us.
If yes, then stand up and say so.
Expose this power-worshipping, self-worshipping, Satan-worshipping creed. Your silence is a positive act of satanism in itself, for you make the label that Orthodox Jews have stuck on you, i.e. ‘Goyim’ or ‘CATTLE’ an existential fact of life.
We have been so conditioned into our obedience, so conditioned into our moronic servility that by our passivity we serve the Satanic agenda. We must start by simply knowing this.
Have we stopped thinking? Have we stopped even listening to the Christ we claim to serve and have we settled for a dumb bovine life of familiar comforts and helpless servitude to our farmers.
They openly call us ‘cattle’. Is this what we have become?
There is a well-established perception that the Jewish people hold a virtual monopoly on suffering.
This satanically crafted phenomenon will prove to be, like all other bubbles, a disaster tomorrow for most of those who celebrate it as a ‘fact’ today. Let us hope and pray that when this bubble ‘pops’  it will bring disaster for those liars who blew it rather than gift them the ‘New World Order’ they so desire.
Listen here to the man unfit to hold office in today’s Catholic Church.


Rebel Catholic group expels Holocaust-denying bishop

By Tom Heneghan, Religion Editor – Reuters Oct 24, 2012

PARIS – A rebel Catholic traditionalist group has expelled British-born Bishop Richard Williamson who deeply embarrassed the Vatican by denying the Holocaust shortly before he was readmitted to the Church three years ago.

The Swiss-based Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), whose four bishops were excommunicated from 1988 to 2009, said on Wednesday it took the step because Williamson had disobeyed his superiors.

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