Globalists Use “Brazil” Strategy in the US

Marcos – Oct 24, 2012

SAN PAOLO — To understand how Marxists take power and deliver countries to the globalists,  Brazil is a paradigm.
This week, several leaders of the Worker’s Party, the governing Marxist party of Brazil, were found guilty of  stealing over US$ 70 MM in government money and bribing Congressmen from other parties to vote for all government initiatives coming from ex-President Lula’s office. 
One of them, Jose Genoino, was the president of the Party. This scandal was labelled Mensalão, meaning a “large monthly payment”. Most educated people in Brazil were outraged and we saw demonstrations in social media, the press and the streets. 
One would think that such a scandal would mean the end of the Workers Party. Not at all. Lula lied and said he never knew anything about it. 
He was shielded by the comrades, who will take the blame even though they didn’t steal the money for themselves. 
The strategy of the Party is to send the faithful comrades to the gallows, while keeping the Party’s image untouched.
 Lula is travelling all around the country, promising government funds from the federal governments for cities which vote for the Party’s mayors (this is illegal). 


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