Relearning Heterosexual Love

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow Oct 20, 2012 revised from 2002

I was born in 1949. My formative years coincided with a successful campaign to destabilize society by promoting homosexuality & lesbianism (using “feminism” as a front.)
Specifically, my generation was programmed to believe that woman and men are not only equal but also the same.
As a result, many of us suffer from arrested development caused by the suppression of our natural heterosexual instincts.
Personally, I reached the age of 48 without understanding masculinity or how to relate to a woman. I had no standard of manhood and thus had nothing to aim for.  Similarly, all the women I met were confused or messed up. Predictably, I had two failed marriages and my personal development was stymied.
The Illuminati want people to be stunted, frustrated, distracted and confused. It is a vast criminal enterprise. The last thing it needs is for people to be fully developed and functional human beings.
The two founders of “second wave” feminism, Gloria Steinem and Betty Frieden are both Illuminati agents In past columns I have shown how they both pretended to be “average” women when in fact both were professional activists, i.e. cultural provocateurs. Steinem was working undercover for the CIA while Friedan had been a Communist party writer for 20 years. Feminism emerged fully formed from the Communist Party f the USA


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