Women Usurping Male Role as Providers

Henrymakow.com – Oct 19, 2012

Illuminati Social Engineering is Succeeding!

The latest Canadian census shows women, aided & abetted by the Illuminati bankers, are usurping the male role as providers.
Although this article doesn’t say it, men are often openly discriminated against in hiring. This is so men can’t be providers and women are too preoccupied to have children. 
Men are becoming more dependent on working wives, and naturally assume more child rearing responsibilities. This is another example of gender bending with the ultimate goal of making marriage and family obsolete. First they will eliminate men; then, they will eliminate women. Ultimately, the State  will control reproduction and raise the young. There will be no families.
From REALITY – The monthly publication of REAL Women of Canada  (Sept.-Oct.)
According to Statistics Canada, in 2009, 18% of Canadian women are now the primary breadwinners in their family – up from 14% in 1997. In this same period, the proportion of women matching or exceeding their husbands’ earnings climbed to 42% from 37%.

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