The Dark Narcotic Wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America

Reflections in a Petri Dish – Oct 19, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
It’s not all bad news, even though the bad guys motor on for a short while, some are making it good. This guy isn’t a Tribe Member, though some say he is. It’s a confusing world that doesn’t play by the numbers, which is why the numbers don’t add up, even though numbers are at the heart of it all, we just don’t get the numbers as they really are and that’s at the bottom of it. Things don’t add up and we speculate …but eventually they add up on their own and we find out what’s really been going on, with ‘them’ and ‘us’. We find out. We find out what we need to know about ourselves in time, or we find out too late.
Bad shit has been going on for some time. These are the parts you see and it stands to reason that there is more submerged than what has surfaced. There always is. It’s that tip of the iceberg thing. That’s why there is more to us than we are aware of because the majority of us is in a sunken treasure chest at the bottom of that ocean. This includes our unremembered past and is a key to why we are where we are, who we are and what we can do about it. Accessing that area is one of the major ‘keys’ to our enduring success. Make it happen. What? Someone else is going to handle that? Then again, that probably explains the other major ‘key’, if you happen to be engaged in the completion of ‘The Operation of the Sun‘ as I am. Of course, some of you are engaged in this and some of you are engaged in this. Some of you are engaged and some of you are disengaged. Some of you are stick and some of you are automatic.
♫What the world needs now, is love, pure love. That’s the only thing that there’s just too little of♫ ♫What the world has now, is drugs, bad drugs. That’s the only thing that there’s just too many of♫ Dumbing down is not just a withdrawal of education, or the gaps that occur in terms of relevant information, because most of what is taught is revisionist lies, of things that happened differently, or didn’t happen at all; given that most people don’t care to recall. The other thing is doping people down, instead of up, cause up makes you think; not everything up, cause some ups actually go sideways.
People don’t know they’re being dumbed down, that’s why it happens. People don’t know that alcohol is for crowd control and crowd out of control. They don’t know that the government provides Heroin, which it has access to via the Afghanistan War that Israel made happen through doing 9/11 (you got to love this guy for continuing to put his site back up every time they knock it down); cue Chumbawamba.
Yes, they got the highway to The River of Lethe that runs like an invisible Mississippi through the dark narcotic wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America. Yes, 92% of the world’s Heroin comes out of Afghanistan, to the tune of 4 billion dollars a year and it is the second largest producer of Hash after Morocco. How do I know this? It’s my yob. Yes, it’s my yob.
♫Don’t let The Sun go down on me♫ That is because The Sun is not gay. I thought a little offensive humor might make the blog get it’s second wind right about now, given that I have my reasons. Yes, I have my reasons. People don’t see what’s going on around them because maybe it isn’t going on around them, at the moment. The important thing is that vested interest- and those wearing no vests at all-, have taken over the departments where legislation gets made and that is going on around you and you could see it if you wanted to.
When you control the departments, where legislation gets made and you also control the press and willingly admit that you control that and all kinds of other things, it’s not all that hard to figure out. Of course, that author is representative of classy good taste and, strangely enough a member of the good time guys, or maybe that’s a joke. As far as the media goes though, they control 2% more than the amount of Israelis that supported Operation Cast Lead. It’s an interesting thing that gets proudly proclaimed and major league side stepped every day of the year. About the same amount of Central Banks are controlled by the same people, because they print the money that they give to each other to buy all the things that they own and no one seems to mind. While everyone seems to mind, still few people come out and say what it is, so the blame is always laid down upon a cloud bank. The blame is laid on mystery Babylon. T’was ever thus. ♫The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began♫
Some people would rather I do not say what I say because there is no teeth in it; I’m not Final Solution enough, as if I were the one meant to handle the affair. I’m not The Punisher but that title fits a particular entity, who will handle it when the time comes. I repeat myself on occasion in respect of certain things because they have to be said over and over, or people just gloss over them because they don’t have the stones and commitment to say what needs to be said or they say it in a way that implies things that are not true and they forever do it under the cover of anonymity because they are afraid to stand behind what they say but they don’t see anything wrong with that and they get all confident and bold, secure in their being unknown.
Meanwhile, these same elements are engaged in all sorts of malicious mischief, just as they behind all the police brutality, ever since they came over to the US and started training the police forces.They are the ones seeking to turn America into a Gulag, just like they created them in Russia. They are the ones behind the massive forced labor camps in the US. They are the primary force behind Political Correctness and they are the ones behind ‘dumbing down’ and they are the ones that compromise all the professors in the universities and they are the ones that determine the curriculums. It’s them who are behind just about every ugly process and program there is, including Monsanto and all of the other corporate high jinks. It is them who controls the judiciary and the judicial system and The Justice Department. They got their hooks into everything and as long as there are anonymous whiners, who like to get on my case for things that they say more strongly than I do and as long as there are nations of cowards who won’t say what they know to be true, because they are cowards, who obviously do not love their country (and I do, no matter what impression I may sometimes give), then for just so long will I ring the goddamn bell, until there is such a racket that you can’t possibly sleep through it.
Now if anyone wants to come around and intelligently, cogently and with hard facts argue against what I have to say, well then, bring it on. What I say is irrefutable and patently and transparently true. You may not like it but that doesn’t change anything, with your talking out of both sides of your mealy mouth and rationalizing anything and everything; diluting and reducing everything to the usual relative absurdities. Just so long as good men do nothing then someone has to maintain that eternal vigilance.
I know there are any number of good people out there that are saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done and far far more who are not saying what needs to be said and who are not doing what needs to be done because the majority of their attention is on their stomachs and their dicks, when it isn’t on somebodies ass, while they are walking alongside someone who no longer gets their attention because they’ve been there and done that. The amount of shallow, easy come easy go, loyalties and fidelities, not to mention short pant’s integrities, makes me sick and disappointed.
I remember when there were more men good and true and strong women who had a conviction for something beside cosmetics and reality TV. Holy shit! Kim Kardashian had six million friends at some point. Where did these people come from? So…
I’m a pain in the ass and maybe I ought to just go away and thank my lucky stars that I can see what’s going on and leave it at that; contemplate the slopes of The Himalayas, which I have a strong suspicion I will see fairly soon. The people I have an interest in seeing, besides the readers, are all sitting in the lotus position far off from the action because they got good sense and they know that all of this is something that has to work itself out, because a whole Hell of a lot of karma, has come into the main room for resolution and some of it can’t be resolved except through various unfortunate changes. It doesn’t have to be like this in many cases but people insist on having it their way in direct proportion to however wrong they may be.
I’m one of those let freedom ring kind of guys and I will ♫let my free flag fly♫ I will live on my feet and not on my knees and die with my sneakers on, if I die at all, because no one with the capacity for endless change needs to die and that’s another fact you can dispute till your ears fall off, I’m not moved or altered in my opinion by that. The power and reach of the human imagination is limitless, limited only by the limitations people place on it. Most things are limited only by the limits they place on things and they place these limits because they are brainwashed by those for whom these limitations are a profitable state for the public to be in. Few people have any awareness of what they are capable of, in both good and bad ways, once they shake off their programming, or as soon as the thin veneer of civilization gets torn asunder …but we’ll be seeing both permutations soon enough. That brings us to the end of another transmission.
End Transmission…….
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